Undergraduate Facts in Depth

Program Basics

Year the College of Business was founded


Length of Business program

3 years

Degree awarded


Program accreditation:


Undergraduate Profile

August 2011 Incoming class:


*University of Notre Dame Class of 2015 (from high schools that rank)

Mendoza Class of 2011 Undergraduate Salary Facts

2011 Median Annual Salary





Management and Information Technology Management






*Source: Notre Dame Institutional Research, Future Plans 2011, February 2012.
*Salaries do not include bonuses.
*Statistics are based on received 2011 placement surveys.

Mendoza 2011-2012 Undergraduate Student Enrollment by Major

Freshmen are not admitted into the College of Business. All University of Notre Dame freshmen are enrolled in the First Year of Studies program. Upon completion of  First Year of Studies, students may move into the College of Business if they are have completed all requirements including Writing and Rhetoric, University Seminar and Physical Education; earn at least 24 credits and be in good academic standing. Prospective business students are also expected to have completed two semesters of Calculus and Principles of Microeconomics prior to entering the College. College of Business students declare their major in the second semester of the sophomore year. 





Management and Information Technology Management




Undeclared sophomores


Total undergraduate enrollment 


University Class of 2015 Student Profile

Percent Female


Percent Male


Percent International


Median SAT score


Median ACT score


University Class of 2015 Demographic Breakdown

African American

4 percent

Asian American

6 percent

Hispanic or Latino American

10 percent

Native American

2 percent

White (Non-Hispanic)

78 percent

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Degree Requirements

A Notre Dame education starts with exploring a broad liberal arts curriculum in a variety of academic areas before choosing a particular major. Many of these will be University requirements. Students are required to maintain a minimum 2.0 GPA. More 


Average size in required business courses


Average size in business electives


Average size in non-business courses required
for admission to business program


Classes with fewer than 20 students

12 percent

Classes with 21 to 50 students

87 percent

Classes with more than 50 students

1 percent

Number of different elective courses available in the business program


Elective courses added since June 2011:

  • Managing and Millennials
  • Advanced Database Topics
  • Advanced Topics in IT Management
  • Entrepreneurial Insights

Leading areas of study:

  • Accounting
  • Consulting 
  • Finance
  • Management Information Systems
  • Marketing

Special Programs:


Year of last major change to core curriculum - 2009

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Business Clubs and extracurricular activities

  • Beta Alpha Psi
  • Beta Gamma Sigma
  • Student Business Board
  • Entrepreneurship Society of Notre Dame
  • Finance Club of Notre Dame du Lac
  • Notre Dame MIS Club
  • Management Club
  • Marketing Club
  • Notre Dame Accounting Association
  • Investment Club of Notre Dame du Lac
  • Real Estate Investment Club
  • Diverse Business Student Association
  • Science Business Club
  • Private Equity and Venture Capital Club of Notre Dame
  • Student International Business Council
  • Undergraduate Women in Business Association

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Mendoza College of Business 2011 Career Services Statistics

Percent of 2011 graduates who provided employment information


Percent of 2011 seniors seeking full-time employment in business


Number of companies recruiting undergraduate students


Number of companies that posted full-time positions between July 1, 2008 and June 30, 2009


Job offer results, of 2011:

Accepted first job offer by graduation


Accepted first job offer in three months following graduation


Accepted first job offer more than three months after graduation


2011 Graduate Compensation:

Median base salary


Median signing bonus


Class of 2011 Functional Areas of Employment 


12 percent


54 percent

General Management

4 percent

Human Resources

1 percent

Management Information Systems    

6 percent


19 percent


1 percent


1 percent


3 percent

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Undergraduate rankings and Awards

Bloomberg Businessweek Undergraduate Programs Ranking (2013)

  • No. 1 among the nation's top undergraduate business schools

Bloomberg Businessweek Undergraduate Specialty Program Rankings (2013)

The Mendoza College of Business at the University of Notre Dame earned top 10 rankings in 8 of 14 business specialty categories in the 2013 Bloomberg Businessweek annual ranking of the “Best Undergraduate Business Programs by Specialty.” 

  • No. 1 among the nation's top undergraduate ethics programs
  • No. 2 among the nation's top undergraduate accountancy programs
  • No. 4 among the nation's top undergraduate finance programs
  • No. 4 among the nation's top undergraduate information systems programs
  • No. 5 among the nation's top undergraduate sustainability programs
  • No. 7 among the nation's top undergraduate business law programs
  • No. 9 among the nation's top undergraduate macroeconomics programs
  • No. 9 among the nation's top undergraduate microeconomics programs

U.S. News & World Report - America's Best Colleges 2014

  • No. 10 of the best undergraduate business programs

Department and Center Distinctions


  • Bloomberg Businessweek ranked the Notre Dame Accountancy program No. 2 in its 2013 ranking of undergraduate specialty programs.
  • Bloomberg Businessweek ranked the Notre Dame Business Law program No. 7 in its 2013 ranking of undergraduate specialty programs.
  • Public Accountancy Report ranked Notre Dame's undergraduate program No. 5 and MS Accountancy program No. 4 nationwide.
  • In its most recent ranking of Best Business Schools, U.S. News and World Report ranked Notre Dame's accounting program No. 13 nationwide.
  • In its most recent college report, U.S. News and World Report, America's Best Colleges 2014, ranked Notre Dame's Undergraduate Accountancy Program No. 4 in the nation.


  • Bloomberg Businessweek ranked the Notre Dame Finance program No. 4 in its 2013 ranking of undergraduate specialty programs
  • Undergraduate finance department ranked No. 14, U.S. News and World Report, America's Best Colleges 2014 
  • The Journal of Finance, ranked the Notre Dame Finance Department No. 5 in its 2011 ranking


  • Bloomberg Businessweek ranked the Notre Dame Ethics program No. 1 in its 2013 ranking of undergraduate specialty programs.
  • The undergraduate management department is ranked No.10, U.S. News and World Report, America's Best Colleges 2014


  • Undergraduate marketing department is ranked No.22, U.S. News and World Report, America's Best Colleges 2014


  • More than 267 ND Alumni clubs, including more than 40 international clubs--the most extensive in higher education.
  • In alumni satisfaction surveys, Notre Dame ranks among the top three nationally.
  • Alumni network annually ranks among the top five in percentage of alumni who contribute to the University.

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