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Extension Requests

At times a taxpayer may not be able to gather the information and forms required to file tax returns before the April 15 filing deadline. The IRS has provided for this situation by permitting a request for an automatic extension of time to file. Form 4868, when filed with the information it requires, automatically extends the filing deadline to October 15. [Note that extending the filing deadline does not extend the tax payment deadline, which remains as April 15.  That is, all taxes due should be postmarked no later than 4/15 to avoid penalty for late payment.  The check paying taxes due should be included with form 4868.]  

Many U.S. states that have an income tax have similar provisions for themselves, since many of them require information from the federal return to be included in their own returns.

Use of Form 4868 requires that it be filed on or before the April 15 filing deadline. The form also requires that any unpaid tax must be paid with the filing of Form 4868. If tax is not paid when due, then a ten percent penalty will be assessed, and interest may also be charged the taxpayer.

While the Tax Assistance Program will assist with the filing of Form 4868, it recommends that all returns be completed and filed by the normal April 15 filing due date. Most, but not all, TAP tax clients do receive refunds of excess taxes collected.

To reduce the risk of possible penalty, for those requesting it, the TAP will: