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Forms, Publications, and Documents

The Internal Revenue Service and the various state govennments provide free access to many of their publications and tax forms. These can be read online or copies can be downloaded for personal use. Downloaded copies come in PDF formatted files, which require a PDF Reader (Foxit, Adobe, etc) to access the modules.

Download federal government forms or publications from the IRS web site. In both cases scroll down the page to find a window that provides access to what you are looking for.

In similar manner, Indiana forms and publications can be downloaded at the department of revenue web site.

The forms for all states can be obtained by first accessing a matrix of links to all the states in the US. Once there you select the state of interest and from that state's home page search for the publications or forms needed.

You are expected to download those forms and instructions and attempt to complete the returns. The TAP coordinator, if requested, will attempt to answer questions this process may generate. However, if you follow this route, realize that the TAP does not have sufficient resources to train taxpayers how to file their own returns.

If interested in direct internet filing of your state tax return, use the link to determine whether the state of your interest provides this function.