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Off-Campus Email Process

Why do we provide such a process?

The following are groups of persons not on-campus during the normal tax return preparation season:

When are your returns prepared?

Due to the increasing demand for returns prepared on campus, the TAP's ability to prepare returns early for off-campus tax clients is severely reduced.  It is not that we are unwilling to prepare such returns early, it is just that we have very limited resources and most waking hours are taken by those who are in residence.  Also, it usually takes those off-campus longer to provide the information needed than it does those on-campus.


We mention this condition so that off-campus return clients are properly advised to expect their returns to be prepared later in the season or after it.  To off-set that delay we do prepare requests to extend the return filing dates from April 15 to October 15.  If you are thinking of this extension for your case, do realize that tax payment date remains at April 15.  Paying later results in late payment fees and interest. To avoid those fees and interest you should make and deposit in a proper bank the additional amount you estimate is needed to avoid such penalties.

The Process Described

With the understanding that the requested information will be provided, forms completed, and employer financial reports received, the TAP commits (subject to the TAP's income limit ) to prepare, sign, copy, and mail the required tax returns to the government taxing authorities and send the required copies of same to the tax payer. To participate in this service the tax payer should follow the steps below.

For those who may exceed the TAP's income limit, please go to this link and review Case 3. You may then send an email to Ken Milani requesting a review of your case.

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