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Faust Capobianco IV ’94



Majestic Athletic Wear Limited


Bangor, Pennsylvania

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Majestic Sweeps the Series

Whenever a big-name baseball player signs with a major league team, the image that makes the front page of the sports section and the top of the evening news is always the same. At a crowded press conference, engulfed by reporters and photographers, the athlete smiles through a blaze of flashbulbs and holds up—what else—his brand new jersey

Majestic Athletic Wear Limited, a third-generation family business headed by father and son Notre Dame alumni, plays a part in that story every time it's told. Majestic holds the exclusive rights to supply on-field uniforms to all 30 major league baseball clubs. The small Pennsylvania-based company is also the sole producer of lucrative MLB replica jerseys and other officially licensed fanwear.

Since chairman Faust Capobianco III ('62) founded the company in 1976, Majestic has survived and thrived in the intensely competitive sports apparel business. According to president Faust Capobianco IV ('94), the firm's ability to identify and exploit key competitive advantages has kept Majestic at the top of its game.

Maintaining most of its manufacturing, sales marketing operations in tiny Bangor, Pennsylvania has proven to be another advantage for Majestic. The company employs several hundred workers in Bangor, many of whom have known Capobianco since he was a boy. "The domestic aspect of our business gives us flexibility," Capobianco explains. "Being able to capitalize on those unexpected events within days, not months, is the key to being successful."

Being a small family firm may have given Majestic another important edge. "In a family business you tend to have senior management or ownership that ran things back when it did $200,000 a year in sales, not $90 million," says Capobianco. "They have an appreciation for what it takes to do every job in the company."