Current Undergraduate Students

Declaring a Major

Students in the Mendoza College of Business will declare a major in the spring of their sophomore year, based on their experience in the business principles courses. Students may declare one of the following majors:

Sophomores will make their initial declaration using the Major Declaration Form available on the MCOB UG tab on insideND during the declaration window which typically runs for two weeks in February.   The Mendoza College of Business is committed to admit as many students as possible into their chosen majors.  However, should it become necessary to limit enrollment in certain majors, Mendoza will use minimum college and degree requirements and cumulative GPA to determine assignment of limited enrollment majors. 

To ensure they are making adequate progress toward the BBA degree, students must satisfy the following requirements to be eligible to select a limited enrollment business major:

Accumulated at least 45 degree credits through three semesters; and

Either have completed or be enrolled in at least 25 credits that satisfy MCOB requirements; and

Earned a grade of “C” or better in the introductory course (e.g. FIN 20150) of any limited enrollment major (e.g. finance) to be eligible for that major.

The following criteria will then be used to determine assignment of “limited enrollment” majors: Cumulative GPA (at the time of major declaration). The cumulative GPA cutoff may vary across years. Students whose cumulative GPA does not meet the cutoff, but who have a GPA of at least 3.50 in the courses that satisfy Mendoza College of Business requirements may be given special consideration.