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Conferences & Competitions


With the Leadership and Learning Program Grants, we hope to give students the opportunity to develop, organize and attend conferences, competitions, fundraisers, service outreach programs and other activities aimed at expanding the business student's learning beyond the classroom.  Such occasions can foster students' curiosity, motivating them to pursue a given topic or creative endeavor in greater depth.  As students engage in different activities, they can formulate relevant questions, think critically in the face of different and conflicting points of view, and formulate their own well-supported arguments.  In turn, this kind of critical engagement can help bolster their self-confidence as they embark upon additional projects.


All Mendoza College of Business undergraduate students in good academic standing pursuing an undergraduate degree in the Mendoza College of Business are eligible to apply for an LLP Grant.

Application Process

Business Students are eligible to apply for an LLP grant up to $500. Student applications are limited to one per year and must be accompanied by a faculty sponsorship letter of recommendation, explaining the ways that a specific excursion, event, or activity will help advance student learning.  Applications  are available on-line and in the Office of Undergraduate Studies, Room 101 Mendoza College of Business. Awards are competitive, as funding is available for a limited number of opportunities. Funds for international travel are also available through the Nanovic and Kellogg Instititutes. Students may submit applications on a rolling basis, but should do so at least one month in advance of a given event, excursion, or activity.

In addition to the application, students should submit a 500-word single-spaced proposal, providing a detailed description of the following:

Proposals will be vetted by a committee of faculty, including the Assistant Dean of Undergraduate Studies. Decisions are expected to be made within two weeks. Successful students will be required to submit a report following the event, at a time agreed upon by the applicant and the faculty committee.

Complete the application form and submit it with the supporting documentation to:

Assistant Dean Dale Nees, 101 Mendoza College of Business, Notre Dame, IN 46556


Students are required to identify, evaluate and promote their own leadership and learning opportunities. However, the following list of sites may prove to be a useful resource in the identification phase. Programs on this list have not been evaluated or approved by the Office of Undergraduate Advising. Proposal of an activity from this list does not guarantee approval. All applications will be judged on the merit of their content.



Note: LLP Grants should not be confused with Undergraduate Research Opportunity Grants, which are also available for students undertaking research projects with a faculty supervisor; particularly projects that lead to or are a part of students capstone experience or thesis research.