Current Undergraduate Students

International Business Certificate

The International Business Certificate is awarded to a student who completes a series of courses which offer a broad exposure to the global nature of the world of business.  Completion of the program is acknowledged with a certificate at graduation.

What is the benefit of pursuing this certificate?

While not a major or minor, this program enriches the student’s academic preparedness to take advantage of the multitude of opportunities and challenges awaiting them.  The International Business Certificate substantiates a student’s acquisition of knowledge and perspective in the varying aspects of our ever-evolving global economy.  The multi-disciplinary aspect of the course selections enhances the student’s ability to communicate and engage in the international arena with a greater appreciation of diverse commerce, cultural and social contexts.  

Do students have to attend an international study program in order to earn the certificate?

While a semester or summer of international study is encouraged and may be helpful in completing the certificate requirements, the certificate may be earned by taking courses on the main campus.

What are the requirements to earn the certificate?

Five courses (15 hours) are required from among a variety of offerings from the Mendoza College of Business, the College of Arts and Letters and other national and international institutions.  Each of the courses that qualify for the certificate has been assigned a searchable attribute on inside ND.  To identify courses that have been approved: Go to Class Search, highlight all subject areas and click on the Attribute drop down menu.  Select either IBC Business or IBC Liberal Arts and click the Search button.  A minimum of two courses must be selected from among the contemporary international business course offerings, and the remainder from contemporary international liberal arts course offerings.  In addition to courses offered through the Mendoza College of Business, students may take economics and political science courses that have the IBCB attribute.  One advanced course in a foreign language may be counted as an international liberal arts course (IBCL) for the International Business Certificate.

Additional courses may be considered with the consent of the Program Coordinator.  Similar courses that are taught at St. Mary's College, at ND International Study locations, and/or transferred from other institutions may also qualify.

Courses for the International Business Certificate may not be taken on a pass/fail basis.  Courses may "double count" -e.g., HIST 30432, Irish History since 1800, would qualify as a contemporary liberal arts requirement for the certificate and would also satisfy the history requirement for graduation.

For more information, contact the Program Coordinator: Amy G. Radvansky, Academic Advisor, 101 Mendoza College of Business, (574) 631-6602