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International Study

Why International Study?

The Mendoza College of Business supports the belief of Notre Dame International (NDI) that students develop a heightened awareness of the importance and benefit of a global perspective through international study and complementary campus activities. International experience adds an appreciation for culture, diversity and travel that often helps to develop engaged citizens in our interconnected and interdependent world.  Notre Dame's international studies programs are specifically designed to reflect Ntore Dame's values of faith, learning and community. Mendoza College of Business students are encouraged to pursue international study opportunities through the numerous programs offered through the University.

What programs are available for Business students?

Students may explore any of the international study programs offered by International Study; there is not one location specified as a “business” program. Some locations offer business classes but overall, students should explore study abroad options based on their interest in the culture, language, professional and/or service options provided. About half of Mendoza College of Business students spend at least one semester or summer studying overseas.

How are classes counted in international locations?

Information on course approvals can be found on the International Study website. Students must also check with their academic advisors to confirm all course approvals.  It is often possible to fulfill University, 2nd major, minor, and/or elective credit requirements while studying away from the main campus.


If students have applied to and been wait-listed or denied acceptance to a Notre Dame International Study program, then these students may apply for a limited number of Study Abroad Leave of Absence (LOA) approvals.  If approved, students may attend a non-Notre Dame study abroad program and have approved credits transferred back to their transcripts.  Without having applied to any Notre Dame International Study Programs, students are not eligible for a Study Abroad LOA.

What is the application process?

The majority of business students will complete the application process for study abroad in the fall of their sophomore year to go abroad for one semester in their junior year. Depending on the program, some students may choose to go abroad for an entire academic year. Students should attend International Study Information Sessions held in the fall to learn about the opportunities for study abroad ( ; Events). Students are required to revise their Plan of Study to show that they can go abroad and graduate on time.  After students have started their online applications for specific study abroad programs, they should schedule a meeting with an Academic Advisor.

Both Academic Advisor and Dean's Approval are issued from the Office of Undergraduate Studies, 101 Mendoza. Students must submit a Plan of Study Form through indicating that they can complete all requirements, go abroad, and graduate, on time, in 4 years.  See the full instructions on the link provided in the box to the right.

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