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Founded in 1980, Notre Dame Executive Education provides leaders in the executive and management ranks the opportunity to develop and strengthen their leadership abilities and business acumen skills through both degree and non-degree programs. In keeping with the Notre Dame mission, the program emphasizes values-based leadership in addition to academic rigor. Programs include:

Executive MBA Program

The South Bend-based program begins in August and meets Thursday-Saturday once a month for 21 months. The Chicago-based program begins in January and meets Friday-Saturday of alternating weeks for 17 months. Learn more

Custom Programs

In Notre Dame Executive Education, we believe in “high trust, high quality, and high impact” relationships with our valued clients. We pride ourselves in partnering with our clients to deconstruct the complexity that can cloud business opportunities and decisions. Our approach is customized to your business and leadership development needs, staying highly customer focused—before, during and after the program.  Learn more

Executive Integral Leadership

Examine the values that drive you personally and professionally and assess how to achieve a more integrated, balanced life. For accomplished executives with 15-plus years of experience, the weeklong experience is held each spring and fall on Notre Dame’s campus. Learn more

Certificate in Executive Management

Reinvigorate your understanding of core business topics and enhance your leadership and management approach with our 60-hour program. Learn more

Supervisory Development

Develop your skills in management and employee motivation and development. This two-day course is held each spring and fall. Learn more

Online Offerings
  • Executive Certificate in Negotiation
  • Executive Certificate in Leadership and Management
  • Executive Certificate in Business Administration

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