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Leadership success starts with you as an individual, where you have maximum influence to change. Notre Dame’s Executive Integral Leadership (EIL) offers a values-based approach to leadership, inspiring you to get reacquainted with your values and behaviors and then to leverage that knowledge effectively. At the conclusion of this life-changing experience, you will be prepared to think and act in alignment with your values and to face every challenge with increased courage and confidence.

Authentic leaders embrace leadership as a lifelong learning process. Where are you in your leadership journey? Are you preparing to assume further responsibility? Do you need greater balance in your life to sustain your success? Will you leave a valuable legacy so that others can carry on your important work?

EIL is designed precisely for a high level leader who is eager to benefit from increased self-knowledge and then allow it to effect change. Take a moment to view the stories of past participants sharing their journey. Participants say the Executive Integral Leadership experience is “thought-provoking and practical at the same time,” because they have gained tools for immediate application as well as perspectives that support change over time. We believe that you, too, will find EIL is the next step in your journey to effective, authentic leadership.