Notre Dame Executive Education


Unleashing Your Leadership Potential provides a unique experience around the guiding question of: “How does one successfully navigate the transition to an expanded leadership role with integrity and value-added results?” The program design provides a model for the transitional process to leadership and for recognizing where one is in that process. Unleashing Your Leadership Potential is an opportunity to discover new ways of speaking about leadership, to understand the strengths of your team, and to reflect on how to reenter with realistic expectations that are well aligned to your organization’s culture. Your self-knowledge, ability to appreciate diverse opinions, and openness to new perspectives will greatly determine the success you will have making the leadership transition.

The self-assessment tools are essential to the self-discovery process within this offering. As part of both the prework and class work, you will utilize tools to uncover your motivational values as they relate to the way you interact with others, your dominant learning strategy, and your problem-solving tendencies.

The Experience at a Glance

Monday Tuesday Wednesday thursday
morning Embracing a broader view of leadership Moving towards greater individuality and authenticity Unleashing your potential as an integral leader
afternoon Campus Tour Gaining new perspectives and applying creativity to your business Issue Focusing on your leadership issue and creating a plan for your balanced self Transitioning back to work
evening Beginning the journey Fostering a collaborative approach Building a network of colleagues