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executive certificate in business administration

As you've progressed through your career, you've undoubtedly developed a high level of expertise in a specific functional area. But if you aspire to take your performance to the next level, you need to understand how your decisions impact other departments and the organization as a whole. Refresh your knowledge or familiarize yourself with core business dimensions as you learn how to translate theory into successful strategies.

This comprehensive professional development series increases your proficiency in key business concepts and techniques. Each eight-week course builds on the last in a step-by-step progression, ensuring you have a solid foundational understanding of the principles and disciplines of business before moving on to practical applications of business strategies. You'll learn from the same award-winning professors who teach on campus, as they help you:

  • Gain a high-level perspective of core MBA disciplines, including economics, accounting, finance, marketing and management
  • Develop the skills to create and implement a strategically sound business plan
  • Capitalize on synergies that can increase your organization's efficiency, productivity and profitability
  • Identify and grow your company's competitive advantages

The Executive Certificate in Business Administration is made up of three eight-week certificate courses, each building on the last in a step-by-step process. With each course you will acquire new skills you can begin applying immediately. Each eight-week course contains up to 16 hours of streaming video presentation, independent exercises and mastery exams and will take between 25-30 hours to complete.

Courses include:

  • Principles of Business
  • Disciplines of Business
  • Applied Business Strategies

With each program you will acquire a new certificate that will serve as an important milestone. Students who successfully complete all three programs will receive their Executive Certificate in Business Administration from Notre Dame’s Mendoza College of Business.

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