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executive certificate in leadership and management

Learn how to distinguish leadership from management – and which skills to apply in a given situation. Notre Dame has partnered with University Alliance, a division of Bisk Education, to offer the Executive Certificate in Leadership and Management program. From tactics to strategy, you’ll study proven ways to identify your role and respond effectively. In addition to navigating the nuances that make leadership and management distinct but interdependent, you’ll employ a variety of self-assessment tools to modify and enhance your own style.

The online Executive Certificate in Leadership and Management program features three eight-week courses presented by the country’s leading experts in leadership and management – the same professors who teach at Notre Dame’s top-ranked Mendoza College of Business! Courses include:

Effective Leadership

The course is designed for exceptional individual contributors who have been called or have taken the lead on a team or project level and have direct responsibility for guiding the work of others. You will use guided investigations, self-assessments and challenging problem-solving studies to develop your unique leadership style for success. Key topics include:

  • Conceptual tools for understanding leadership effectiveness
  • Guidelines for the transition from individual contributor to manager
  • Insights into the relationships between leaders and followers
  • The responsibilities of leaders to make timely decisions
  • The constant challenge of managing and resolving conflict

Leading Teams and Organizations:

This course places students at the crossroads of tactics and strategy, providing the perspective and insight necessary to assess, interpret and respond to situations of uncertainty and complexity. You will learn to positively engage people, teams and organizations by responding to challenges with greater sophistication and confidence. Key topics include:

  • Contingency models of leadership and performance
  • Dynamics of delegation, empowerment and risk
  • Insights into personal perspectives of interpersonal relationships
  • Approaches to building a high performance team
  • Personal principles and values in decision-making
  • Accountability and leadership

Executive Leadership Strategies

Strategy, foresight, creativity and integrity are the key concepts in this executive phase of leadership and management development. In the culmination of Notre Dame’s three-course program, you will learn to synthesize your skills and apply your abilities for developing intellectual capital and organizational culture. Key topics include:

  • The executive as strategic leader
  • Archetypes of leader
  • Climates for creativity and cognitive styles
  • Industry structure, competitive analysis and competitive foresight
  • Business leadership: The rule of law
  • Business leadership: Telling the story
  • Leadership in the era of hyperchange

With each program you will acquire a new certificate that will serve as an important milestone. Students who successfully complete all three programs will receive their Executive Certificate in Leadership & Management from Notre Dame’s Mendoza College of Business.

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