The Notre Dame Executive MBA

Executive Integral Leadership

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Executive Integral Leadership, a defining, high-impact component of this program, is a life-changing experience for many students. Conducted on Notre Dame campus, the weeklong program encourages you to take a holistic look at your life, leading to greater clarity and sense of purpose. At its core is the Integral Model, based on the premise that effective leaders integrate their cognitive, interpersonal, physical, moral, spiritual, and ethical strengths.

Executive Integral Leadership inspires you to be more self-aware and conscious of your personal values when making everyday decisions. You’ll develop your leadership style while gaining tools to become more productive in conversation, negotiation, and business strategy. During the program, you’ll also be able to apply the Integral Model to a current business challenge in your organization.

Away from the pressures of the outside world, this program expedites change in your work and your life. Through vibrant discussions with session leaders, coaching lectures, business cases assessments, group work, and reflective exercises, you’ll map a path to greater leadership.