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Adam J. Wowak

Assistant Professor


Professor Wowak’s research interests lie within the field of strategic management, particularly on issues concerning top executives and their influences on organizational outcomes. In recent studies, he has focused on matters related to compensation, including both the causes and consequences of executive pay. He is also currently studying how executive personality manifests in firm strategies and performance. His research has been published in Academy of Management Journal, Strategic Management Journal, and several edited volumes. His teaching experience is also within the strategic management area, and he was twice nominated for teaching awards as a doctoral student. Professor Wowak holds a Ph.D. in management, as well as a B.S. in finance, from the Pennsylvania State University. Prior to entering academia, he worked in the investment banking industry.




  • Strategic Management


"Throwing caution to the wind: The effect of CEO stock option pay on the incidence of product safety problems," (with Michael J. Mannor, Kaitlin D. Wowak), To appear in Strategic Management Journal.

"Do CEOs encounter within-tenure settling up? A multiperiod perspective on executive pay and dismissal," (with Donald C. Hambrick, Andrew D. Henderson),  Academy of Management Journal, 54, 2011, 719-739.

"A model of person-pay interaction: How executives vary in their responses to compensation arrangements," (with Donald C. Hambrick),  Strategic Management Journal, 31, 2010, 803-821.

Book Articles and Chapters

Whom do we want as our business leaders? How changes in the corporate milieu have brought about a new breed of CEOs, (with Donald C. Hambrick, ), In J. E. Ricart, & J. M. Rosanas (Eds.), Towards a New Theory of the Firm (2012).

Who's the new kid? The process of developing centrality in venture capitalist deal networks, (with Bret R. Fund, Timothy G. Pollock, Ted Baker, ), In J. A. C. Baum, & T. J. Rowley (Eds.), Advances in Strategic Management, Vol. 25 (2008).