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Alan Card

Adjunct Assistant Professional Specialist
Department of Management


PO Box 62
Notre Dame, IN 46556




Dr. Card's research interests focus on the conceptual frameworks, tools and techniques by which health-service organizations work to improve in areas such as patient safety, quality, patient/user experience and disaster preparedness. His work addresses both the solutions-focused task of risk control and the problem-focused task of risk assessment. His study of risk control has addressed a critical gap in both the literature and the practice of health services improvement. The study explored the problem of how health-service organizations design and manage risk controls (the “solutions” to identified risks). Drawing from the disciplines of risk management, design thinking and Lewinian change theories, Card developed and evaluated the first comprehensive framework for the risk-control process, along with a set of techniques to operationalize that framework. This work addressed an almost complete lack of support for risk-control practice. It attracted significant interest from the practitioner community, as evidenced by the $100,000 research grant Card received from the American Society for Healthcare Risk Management to follow-up on his initial findings.