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Hayong Yun

Assistant Professor


Hayong Yun is an Assistant Professor of Finance at the University of Notre Dame. His expertise is in corporate governance, corporate finance, law and economics, bankruptcy, and contract theory. He teaches Corporate Governance. Yun won the JP Morgan 2008 Young Researcher Prize from the Review of Financial Studies for his research paper, “The Choice of Corporate Liquidity and Corporate Governance.” His articles appeared in the Review of Financial Studies and the Journal of Law, Economics, and Organization.

Among Yun’s affiliations are memberships in the American Finance Association, the American Economic Association, and the Western Finance Association. Prior to joining the faculty at the Mendoza College of Business, Yun worked as a manager/senior engineer for Samsung Electronics.




  • Economic Incentives in Contracts
  • Financial Contracts and Investor Protection
  • Corporate Governance



"Are Mutual Funds Sitting Ducks?" (with Sophie A Shive, ), To appear in Journal of Financial Economics.

"Risk Management and Firm Value: Evidence from Weather Derivatives," (with Francisco Pérez-González, ), To appear in Journal of Finance.

"Negative Hedging: Performance Sensitive Debt and CEOs' Equity Incentives," (with Alexei Tchistyi, David Yermack, ),  Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, 46, July (3rd Quarter/Summer)7, 2011, 657-686.

"Matching Bankruptcy Laws to Legal Environments," (with Kenneth M. Ayotte),  Journal of Law, Economics and Organization, 25, April (2nd Quarter/Spring), 2009, 2-30.

"The Choice of Corporate Liquidity and Corporate Governance (Winner of 2008 RFS Young Researcher Prize),"  Review of Financial Studies, 22, April (2nd Quarter/Spring)1, 2009, 1447-1475.


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Zhi Da, "Electricity Consumption and Asset Prices."

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