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John George Michel

Associate Professional Specialist


John G. Michel is an Associate Professional Specialist in the department of Management at the University of Notre Dame. His research interests include competitive strategy and dynamics, international strategy and, top management teams. His teaching interests are in the areas of strategic management, business foresight, and management of nonprofit organizations.

Michel received his B.A. from Tulane University, and his Master’s degree and Ph.D. from Columbia University. His research with Matt Bloom on pay structures was profiled in the Wall Street Journal and his work with Rob Easley and Sarv Devaraj on music piracy received a best paper award at the ICIS conference. He has published in the Academy of Management Journal, Strategic Management Journal, Journal of Business Research, and Communications of the ACM.




  • Strategic Management
  • Foresight in Business and Society


"International Competition in Mature, Localized Industries: Evidence from the U.S. Furniture Industry," (with Claudio Carpano, Manzur Rahman, Kendall Roth),  Journal of Business Research, 59, 2006, 630-637.

"The MP3 Open Standard and the Music Industry's Response to Internet Piracy," (with Robert Easley, Sarv Devaraj),  Communications of the ACM, 43, 2003, 90-96.

"The Relationships Among Organizational Context, Pay Dispersion, and Managerial Turnover," (with M. Bloom),  Academy of Management Journal, 45, 2002, 33-42.

"Experiencing Strategy at Notre Dame," (with J. H. Davis),  Working for the Common Good: Concepts and Models for Service-Learning in Management, 2000.


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