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Marie Diane-Kateri Halvorsen-Ganepola

Assistant Professional Specialist


Originally from Kansas, Marie Halvorsen-Ganepola recently moved here from Gainesville and the University of Florida's Management PhD program with her husband Berty, who became a United States citizen after emigrating from Sri Lanka. She earned her MBA from the University of Notre Dame in 2007; and she studied Biology (BA) and Genetics (BS) at the University of Kansas prior to that. In between, Marie worked as an operations manager for Pearson Government Solutions, as an instructor and tutor for Kaplan Test Prep and Admissions, and as a management consultant for a small entrepreneurial firm. Marie and her husband couldn't be happier to be rejoining the community at Our Lady's University! Marie’s research interests include willpower, personality, intelligence, resilience, and positive organizational scholarship; and she loves teaching Management classes. Her personal interests include travel (especially Sri Lanka and US National Parks), music (musical theater, choral and liturgical singing, opera, classical, and Neil Diamond), and reading (biography, philosophy of science, historical fiction, travelogue, natural history, classic novels, epic fantasy, sci-fi, short story, memoir, and personal essay).




  • Principles of Management



"A meta-analytic structural model of dispositional affectivity and emotional labor," (with John D. Kammeyer-Mueller, Alex L. Rubenstein, David M. Long, Michael Odio, Brooke R. Buckman, Yiwen Zhang, ),  Personnel Psychology, 66, April (2nd Quarter/Spring), 2013, 47-90.

"In good company? A multi-study, multi-level investigation of the effects of coworker relationships on employee well-being," (with Lauren S. Simon, Timothy A. Judge, ),  Journal of Vocational Behavior, 76, January (1st Quarter/Winter), 2010, 534-546.

Book Articles and Chapters

American Girl: A Protest Over Corporate Philanthropy, (with Katie Murphy, ), The Business Communication Casebook: A Notre Dame Collection (2006).