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Matt Bloom

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Associate Management Professor Matt Bloom conducts research in the area of the improvement of the human condition at work, with a focus on intrinsic motivation, happiness and meaning, and innovation. He received his B.S. in Psychology from Baker University, an M.A. in Organizational and Personnel Psychology from the University of Kansas, and a Ph.D. from Cornell University. He teaches undergraduate, graduate, and executive courses in innovation and workforce related topics. Matt researches well-being at work and is interested in what makes work a meaningful, positive life-enriching experience that fosters the highest levels of human exellence.

Recent teaching awards include the 2010 Joyce Award for Undergraduate Teaching Award, the 2011 Master of Nonprofit Administration Outstanding Teaching Award, and the 2011 MBA Outstanding Teaching Award. Bloom serves on the editorial boards of the Academy of Management Review and the Journal of Organizational Behavior. He also is an ad hoc reviewer for numerous research journals.




  • Innovation and Design
  • Innovation Seminar



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"Using random rather than fixed effects models in meta-analysis: Implications for situational specificity and validity generalization," (with M. Wells),  Personnel Psychology, 1996.

Book Articles and Chapters

A century of compensation research, In Cary Copper & Julian Barling (eds), Handbook of Organizational Behavior, Sage Publications (April (2nd Quarter/Spring)2009).