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Sean Handley

Assistant Professor


Professor Handley’s research focuses on two related themes: 1) the use of formal (e.g. contractual incentives, inter-organizational monitoring) mechanisms and relational mechanisms for managing outsourcing initiatives, and 2) supply chain risk with a focus on the healthcare supply chain. These research themes lie at the heart of three major trends re-shaping the management of modern supply chains: globalization, outsourcing, and an increasing focus on risk management. Dr. Handley’s research has been published or is forthcoming at the Journal of Business Logistics, Journal of Operations Management, Production and Operations Management Journal, and Quality Management Journal. He obtained his PhD and MBA from The Ohio State University, and received his BS in Industrial Management from the University of Cincinnati. Prior to entering academics, Professor Handley served in multiple technical and managerial capacities primarily supporting Honda’s North American logistics and supply chain operations.




  • Introduction to Process Analytics


"The Impact of Culture on the Relationship between Governance and Opportunism in Outsourcing Relationships," (with Corey Angst), To appear in Strategic Management Journal.

"Inter-organizational Quality Management: The Use of Contractual Incentives and Monitoring Mechanisms with Outsourced Manufacturing," (with John Gray),  Production and Operations Management, 22, November, 2013, 1540-1556.

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"The Perilous Effects of Capability Loss on Outsourcing Management and Performance,"  Journal of Operations Management, 30, January (1st Quarter/Winter), 2012, 152-165.

"Managing Quality in Outsourced Production: Construct Development and Measurement Validation," (with John Gray, ),  Quality Management Journal, 18, 2011, 26-45.

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