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Shane A. Corwin

Associate Professor


Shane Corwin is an Associate Professor in the Department of Finance. Professor Corwin received a B.S. and an MBA from Mankato State University and a Ph.D. in Finance from The Ohio State University. He was an Assistant Professor at the University of Georgia prior to joining the University of Notre Dame in the fall of 2000. Professor Corwin teaches security analysis and investments at both the undergraduate and graduate level and has received several teaching awards at Notre Dame, including the Rev. Edmund P. Joyce, C.S.C. Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching, the Kaneb Teaching Award, the BP Outstanding Teacher Award, and the Chicago EMBA Outstanding Professor Award. Shane is the proud father of four children and enjoys spending time with his family. He and his family also lived in London for a semester, where he taught in Notre Dame’s London Undergraduate Program. Professor Corwin’s research focuses on security market design and investment banking. He has published articles in numerous finance journals, including the Journal of Finance, the Journal of Financial Markets, the Journal of Financial Intermediation, and Financial Management. In recent articles, he has studied the role of limited attention in securities trading, the measurement of transaction costs, and the effects of systematic liquidity in financial markets. Professor Corwin has also served as a member of the Nasdaq Economic Advisory Board and has been awarded research grants from the Notre Dame Deloitte Center for Ethical Leadership and Morgan Stanley.




  • Equity Valuation
  • Security Analysis



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