Faculty & Departments

2001 Fall Syllabi

FIN 231 Business Finance Conway, Scanlon
FIN 360 Managerial Economics Papai, Sindone, Trubac
FIN 361 Business Conditions Analysis Saito, Sheehan
FIN 370 Investment Theory Battalio, Corwain
FIN 425 Strategic Managerial Analysis Gresik
FIN 447 Mergers and Acquisitions Spiess
FIN 462 Money and Banking Cosimano
FIN 470 Security Analysis Loughran
FIN 472 Trading and Markets Battalio
FIN 475 International Finance Scanlon
FIN 478/631 Options and Futures Markets Hemler
FIN 479 Applied Investment Management Langley, Malpass, Reilly
FIN 510 Microeconomic Analysis Keating
FIN 520 Multinational Financial Management Langley
FIN 612 Financing the Corporation Langley
FIN 630 Investment Management Mendenhall
FIN 632 Security Analysis Reilly
FIN 634 Fixed Income Securities Reilly
FIN 636 Applied Global Money Management Bergstrand, Hemler