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The IrishAngels Investing Organization combines the passion for entrepreneurship with a renewed focus on marshaling Notre Dame’s extensive network of entrepreneurs and investors to focus on ND-based ventures.

The goal is to flourish as a professional angel investing group while generating above-average investment returns.

Where is IrishAngels located?

IrishAngels is based in Chicago, an emerging startup center that is home to nearly 25 percent of Notre Dame’s alumni base (many of whom work in the financial and legal professions). The location puts IA in proximity with many other angel groups and co-investors in the region, as well as the University.

What companies does IA consider for investment?

The IrishAngels invest in companies with an ND affiliation:  a founder, investor, or Board member must be a Notre Dame undergraduate or graduate student, alumnus, parent, or faculty member.

The group invests in companies within the following sectors that are raising a seed round and/or an Series A round:  Internet and Mobile, Scientific and Medical, Social Enterprise, Software (Enterprise and Cloud) and Special Markets (Retail, Manufacturing and Business Services).

For more information on the IrishAngels Investing Group, please visit the IrishAngels website and use the "Contact Us" form.