The Notre Dame MBA

international studies

Through international immersions, Notre Dame MBA students are exposed to financially and culturally burgeoning markets and challenged regions in need of our business acumen.

International immersions available to MBA students include:

Beijing and Shanghai, China
Two-Week Interterm Immersion

Shanghai and Beijing
As the world enters the 21st century, the rise of China is the single most important event shaping our global community. The speed and magnitude of growth in China can radically change the political, economic and social order worldwide. During this one-credit-hour program offered during Interterm, MBA students visit a cross-section of Chinese and multinational businesses and gain an appreciation for the diverse opportunities that exist in the area for both established businesses, and entrepreneurial ventures. Students also witness the challenges that such rapid development creates, and begin to see the ways that Chinese policymakers may address those challenges.

Read a blog from China by a Notre Dame MBA student:

Santiago, Chile
Sao Paulo, Brazil
Two-Week Interterm Immersion

Santiago, Chile
During the two-week immersion students are exposed to South American business opportunities and social development understanding in two important financial and cultural centers, Santiago, Chile and Sao Paulo, Brazil. Understanding the political, economic, and social landscape of these two emerging countries is essential to becoming a global leader. 

Santiago, Chile
Seven-Week Fall Immersion

Tom and Kathy Mendoza, 2000
MBA students are taught in a small classroom setting by professors with broad international experience. Students develop networking opportunities in the region via access to Chilean business leaders. Students also participate in valuable field trip experiences, gain Spanish language skills, and broaden culturally diverse perspectives with trips to neighboring countries, such as Argentina, Peru, Ecuador, and Brazil. 

Summer Internship

This summer internship, managed through the Gigot Center for Entrepreneurial Studies, provides the opportunity for a select group of students to spend eight weeks in locations such as South America, Kenya, Cambodia, Haiti, and Egypt working with internationally known organizations to help empower the people of South Africa. Past interns have created marketing strategies and financial models, implemented accounting systems, and improved operational strategies for both micro-businesses and non-governmental business support organizations.