The Notre Dame MBA

Joint mba programs

Applicants to our joint degree programs (MBA/JD, MBA/Science, and MBA/Engineering) are required to take and submit the GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test). Applicants to these programs are evaluated for their own program independent of traditional Two-Year MBA applicants.

Joint Four-Year MBA/Law Degree

The Notre Dame MBA/JD degree program is intended for students planning to practice corporate or transactional law. The degree is offered jointly by the Mendoza College of Business and the Notre Dame Law School. Candidates are required to satisfy core course requirements for each program. Applicants must apply to both the Law and Business schools independently.

MBA/JD Program Overview

Joint Five-Year MBA/Science Program

This dual-degree five-year program is available to Notre Dame undergraduates in the College of Science and allows them to simultaneously earn Bachelor of Science and Master of Business Administration degrees. A student who completes this program will have a background in management, as well as, the first professional degree in one of the undergraduate majors of the College of Science.

MBA/Science Program Overview

Joint Five-Year MBA/Engineering Program

This program is available to Notre Dame undergraduates in the College of Engineering. The dual-degree five-year program addresses the needs of engineering students who wish to integrate management and engineering. The College of Engineering and the Mendoza College of Business established a cooperative program in which a student may simultaneously earn the Bachelor of Science degree in an engineering discipline and the Master of Business Administration degree.

MBA/Engineering Program Overview

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