The Notre Dame MBA


  • Since fellowship evaluation is completed in conjunction with the admissions decision (with no extra paperwork required), a candidate only needs to apply to the program to be considered. Notification of fellowship awards is made to applicants in their official acceptance letter.

  • Fellowships are awarded by the MBA Admissions/Financial Aid Committee and are funded by alumni and friends who believe in our program’s mission and in our students.

  • Fellowships are awarded to students for their first year and are renewed each semester, based on satisfactory academic performance. (minimum 3.0 GPA and a full course schedule)

  • Competition is intense; not all those who qualify receive awards. Early application submission is encouraged.

  • Fellowships recipients are often expected to become involved in program leadership roles, actively assist with admissions processes and/or participate in community service.

  • While awards range from $5,000 to full tuition plus a non-tuition award for program expenses, they do not cover all expenses associated with completion of the MBA. All MBA candidates are expected to provide substantial funding from their own resources or from an appropriate sponsor.