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Asian MBA Club

Students working together.

Asian MBA Student Association (AMSA) is a club that is open to all MBA students who have a common interest in Asian business and culture. We provide a community where business and career opportunities related to Asia are shared and where members can interact, learn and engage through social andprofessional activities to enhance the cultural and business exchange between Asia and U.S. Specific goals of AMSA include: 1) increase cohesiveness & ownership among members, 2) Serve and empower members through various avenues, 3) Promote understanding and appreciation of Asian culture & business, 4) Integrate into the MBA community.


The Asian MBA Club provides the Notre Dame Asian and Asian American community with a forum to promote cultural awareness, enhance professional development, and foster long-term relationships among members through social and professional networking.

Club Officers

Bingxin Xia, President

Ye Huang, CFO

Tao Zhang, VP of External Affairs

Dalin Wang, VP of Internal Affairs


  • Provide career development support for members
  • Establish a forum on job searching, networking and interview preparation
  • Partner with other Asian associations on networking opportunities for members
  • Introduce how to do business in Asia to all Notre Dame MBA
  • Serve as a platform for Asian and Asian American students for academic improvement
  • Promote multi-cultural communications
  • Improve the awareness of Asian culture among the Notre Dame MBA students
  • Facilitate interactions among students, alumni, and industry participants through social networking events

Past Events

Lunar New Year Party Dumpling Party
Food Festival

Asian Food Festival
Food Festival

Bollywood Movie Night
Bollywood Movie Night  

Club Bowling Outing