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Family Life Committee is dedicated to welcoming and enriching the lives of incoming MBAs with spouses and/or children. The four main goals of the FLC are to 1) provide family support through the transition and adjustment to the Notre Dame and the South Bend area 2) provide family friendly activities along with parties and social gatherings throughout the duration of the program 3) provide community service opportunities allowing the FLC to connect with the local charities, and 4) aid with admission recruiting by reaching out to spouses of potential MBA candidates.

Family Life Committee is committed to providing families with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions. We strive on being as constructive as possible to the future MBA’s and their families by offering sincere and sensible feedback on the questions and concerns that they may have. The FLC is always available to help with whatever challenge one of it’s members is facing. We are accessible to both potential and committed candidates before their academic year actually begins.

The Mendoza College of Business at Notre Dame honors the responsibility of family, as well as respects the academic and social demands of the MBA Candidate itinerary. The establishment of the Family Life Committee allows MBA’s to concentrate on the imperative school related tasks, while someone else introduces the family to the best stores, friendliest doctors, and finest daycares.

The FLC creates immediate friendships by connecting families to one another, starting a network of support for families, from families. The strength of the FLC is truly empowering, and the atmosphere among all its members is intoxicating.

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