The Notre Dame MBA

Finance & Investments Club

The Notre Dame MBA Finance & Investments Club serves to facilitate learning outside of the classroom for students interested in careers in corporate finance or the financial services/investment management industry.

The club serves as a point of contact between industry employers, alumni, and current students. We view our alumni in the industry as an invaluable resource and frequently schedule guest lecturers to speak on contemporary topics within the industry. We also take advantage of the world class faculty who teach within our program, as we have them come and speak to the club on occasion about current events within the industry and topics that may be outside the scope of the typical class offerings.

The club also works in conjunction with the Career Development Center to assist students in exploring career opportunities and in planning recruiting events.  We host career panels and mock interview sessions to prepare students for internship and full-time interviews.

Our club actively manages a portfolio with total Assets Under Management in excess of $300,000. The club offers real-world application of modern portfolio theories through industry specific analyst teams. Each team consists of five students with one student assigned as a lead analyst. The goal of each team is to regularly pitch stocks, build valuation models, and develop their presentation skills. The club also organizes bi-annual stock picking competitions to further encourage individual investing and portfolio management.

Every year during Fall Break, students attend Wall Street Week in New York, NY where we are hosted by nearly 20 of the top firms in the industry. As part of our trip in 2008, MBA's from the Mendoza College of Business rang the closing bell on the New York Stock Exchange. Further, in conjunction with Buffet University, select students from the club are annually invited to Omaha, NE in November to meet and have lunch with Warren Buffet.

Club Officers

Matthew Terilli, President, Finance & Investments Club

Justin Yao, Vice President, Corporate Finance

Liam Byrne, Vice President, Investments

Mission Statement

The club serves to educate members about career opportunities that are available in the areas of finance and investments. This is accomplished through presentations by current students, former students, and outside professionals, and through field trips to a variety of corporations.

The club provides opportunities for leadership to its members. Members are encouraged to become stock analysts for the club's portfolio. In addition, elections are held in December to elect the president, vice presidents, and secretary-treasurer. Finally, the opportunity to contribute to the activities of the club is limited only by the imagination and energy of each member.

The club exists not only for the benefit of those students pursuing concentrations in finance and investments. Persons concentrating in areas such as marketing, consulting, and entrepreneurship can benefit by enhancing their exposure to financial issues. Progression into upper level management, after all, will require practical knowledge of all aspects of business management. Furthermore, club members can benefit from hearing the perspectives of persons from other disciplines.


  • Weekly Finance Club Meetings on Wednesday at Noon in MCoB Room 161
  • Weekly Investments Club Meetings on Thursday at Noon in MCoB Room 161
  • Wall Street Week: Fall Break
  • Warren Buffet Trip: November
  • Stock-Picking Competitions:  1 Fall Semester, 1 Spring Semester