The Notre Dame MBA

MBA Association

Mendoza Building

The MBA Association is responsible for acting as a liaison and a representative of all Notre Dame traditional MBA students and alumni to the university community and the world. The MBAA is responsible for activities, programs, and initiatives for the traditional Notre Dame MBA community, including students, students' families, faculty and administrators. All activities of the MBAA are conducted with respect for its constituencies, the Notre Dame MBA Program, the University of Notre Dame and the surrounding community.

President                Alex Taylor
Chief Operations Officer        Michael Dunbar
Chief Financial Officer            Kushal Toshniwal
Chief Communications Officer        Risha Kohli
Chief International Officer        Kishore Vuyyuru
SVP Leadership            Scot Pfirrman
SVP Academics & Student Affairs    Kimberly Greenberg
SVP Alumni Relations            Rohan Saldanha
SVP Community Outreach        Matthew Benscoter
SVP Career Development        Beth Owens
SVP Clubs                Diana Mo
SVP Committees            Katie Bak
SVP of Technology            K. Rhodie Edwards

2012 - 2013 Elected Officers

President Matt Kernan
Chief Operations Officer Griffin Eaton
Chief Financial Officer Patrick Wolohan
Chief Communications Officer Jessica Bonanno
Chief International Officer Cathy Mae Favorito
SVP Leadership Will Corbett
SVP Academics & Student Affairs Tim Kish
SVP Alumni Relations Jim Cunningham
SVP Community Outreach Leon Powell
SVP Career Development Hilary Wilson
SVP Clubs Katie Rossi
SVP Committees Mike Cordingley

For questions or inquiries for the MBAA, please email

2011 - 2012 Elected Officers

President Joe Sciarrino
Chief Operations Officer Griffin Eaton
Chief Financial Officer Mary Jo Sorrentino
Chief Communications Officer Kasia Prouty
Chief International Officer Parichit Sahay
SVP Leadership Tom Martin
SVP Academics & Student Affairs Brian Griffiths
SVP Alumni Relations Jim Cunningham
SVP Community Outreach Peter Bloechle
SVP Career Development O'Neil Peart
SVP Clubs Ian Galbraith
SVP Committees Mike Cordingley

2010- 2011 Elected Officers

President Laura Ritter
Chief Operations Officer Amy Hall
Chief Financial Officer Dan Diamond
Chief Communications Officer Tim Hunt
Chief International Officer Jia Xie
SVP Leadership Dan Marques
SVP Academics & Student Affairs Chris Villani
SVP Alumni Relations Ryan MacNeil
SVP Community Outreach Shawn Chuong Do
SVP Career Development Becky Liu
SVP Clubs Patrick McNamara
SVP Committees Mark Goehausen

2009- 2010 Elected Officers

President Jeff Harer
Chief Operations Officer Thomas Murdock
Chief Financial Officer Brennan McDonald
Chief Communications Officer Bridget Higgins
Chief International Officer Mauricio Ramirez
SVP Leadership Matt Kelly
SVP Academics & Student Affairs Michelle Mellard
SVP Alumni Relations John Gerberich
SVP Community Outreach Sarah Louise Windham
SVP Career Development Kristin Hughes
SVP Clubs Laura Sowa
SVP Committees Kelly Brennan

2008 - 2009 Elected Officers

President Dag Brummett
Chief Operating Officer Andrew Duff
Chief Financial Officer David Jochim
Chief Communications Officer Colin Kresse
Chief International Officer Jon Lee
SVP Academic & Student Affairs William Rayball
SVP Alumni Relations Sean McIntyre
SVP Leadership M. Jared Malan
SVP Career Development Andrew Franger
SVP Corporate Social Responsibility Andrew Mitchell
SVP Clubs Kimberly Kennedy
SVP Committees Jeff Rodgers

2007 - 2008 Elected Officers

President George Cleveland
Chief Operating Officer Shayne Murphy
Chief Financial Officer Drew Hill
Chief Communications Officer Karen Frevert
Chief International Officer Rohit Jacob
SVP Academic & Student Affairs Rachel Mellard
SVP Alumni Relations Maryellen Jochim
SVP Leadership Chris Abbot
SVP Career Development Ken Pascal
SVP Community Relations Clint Branam
SVP Clubs Katie Hesemann
SVP Committees Eddie Lokiec

MBAA Officer Descriptions


The President acts as a student representative and leader. When approached by the student body for suggestions that fall under the job of different committee chairs, MBAA Council officers or the administration, the President filters and forwards the ideas to them directly. The President remains in contact with the Law and GSU organizations and other ND programs to try to maintain positive relations and establish synergies. The President is responsible for attending College Council meetings as well as Business Administration Council meetings and act as a representative. The President meets at least monthly with the Dean and Associate Dean to give status updates and bounce ideas and suggestions. It is also the responsibility of the President to make sure the committee heads and officers are doing their jobs and remain accountable to the student body. The President also briefs the student body on the activities and initiative of the MBAA.

Chief Operations Officer

The Chief Operating Officer (COO) shall be elected from the one-year program.  S/he shall oversee all student events organized by MBAA approved clubs and committees.  The COO shall facilitate communication between the Senior Vice Presidents' of Clubs, Committees, Alumni, Career, and Community Outreach and each respective group. S/he will ensure that MBAA approved clubs/committees represent the professional and ethical standards of the MBA Program.

Chief Communications Officer

The CCO is responsible for coordinating all of the internal and external communications efforts of the MBAA. This includes setting and distributing agendas for weekly meetings and writing, printing and distributing the MBAA quarterly newsletter. Additionally, the office of CCO is involved with any other initiative that comes under the heading of communications including website maintenance, student feedback surveys, speaking with the Deans, and quarterly meetings with Club and Committee leadership. Also, as an executive board member, the CCO coordinates monthly meetings of the Executive committee officers. In addition, the CCO is responsible for maintaining attendance lists for MBAA Council meetings.

Chief Financial Officer

The CFO manages the budget of the MBAA as distributed by the University’s administration, and directs the treasury activities of the MBA committees. This includes, but not limited to, committee and board expenditures, club funding, and reimbursement requests. A budget proposal for the academic year is to be submitted for approval to the MBAA no later than the third week of the fall and spring semesters. The CFO must supply committees and clubs with the appropriate information and/or application to receive funding from the MBAA and make recommendations on those requests. The CFO is also responsible for monitoring and auditing the financial statements of the MBA clubs that receive funding from the MBAA. S/he maintains funding authorizations power of the MBAA.

SVP Clubs

S/he is responsible for schedule coordination of MBA club activities and events and ensuring the clubs represent the professional and ethical standards of the MBA Program. The SVP – Clubs reports and works with the COO to coordinate activities across approved clubs/committees. S/he shall call and organize all meetings of the Presidents Roundtable – a discussion group of MBA club presidents, and ensure appropriate and effective use of this committee of student leaders.

SVP Committees 

The Senior Vice-President of Committees shall be elected from the one-year program. S/he is responsible for schedule coordination of MBAA committee activities and events and ensuring the committees represent the professional and ethical standards of the MBA Program.  The SVP of Committees shall work with the COO to coordinate activities across MBAA approved clubs/committees.

SVP Leadership

S/he is responsible for coordinating activities which serves the MBA community by chairing the Notre Dame MBA Leadership Development Committee, as well as exploring and identifying opportunities to cultivate leadership development to enrich the Notre Dame MBA experience.

Chief International Officer

The CIO is responsible for representing student interests especially those of the international MBA students. S/he will act as international student liaison for the administration, student body, and other University affiliated international organizations. This representative shall also serve as a project manager for various special needs in the MBA program and shall serve no less than three office hours per week in the MBAA office.

Past Specific Activities have included:

  • Conducting a survey (First module, Fall Semester) within international students to obtain feedback about the Admissions and Career Development Office during the transition process to Notre Dame
  • Coordinating with the Career Development Office consulting sessions exclusively for international students
  • Updating information for international students in the MBA Admission’s Binder
  • Collaborating with the GBC committee in organizing social activities such as, “Cuisines from Around the World” and, “Grapes from Around the World”.
  • Promoting activities within the Clubs and Committees of international students, particularly NSHMBA and Asian MBA Club.

SVP Career Development

S/he is responsible for schedule coordination of the Career Development Committee and the Career Development Office. The SVP – CD shall work with the COO to coordinate activities across MBAA approved clubs/committees.

SVP Academic & Student Affairs

S/he is responsible for coordinating MBAA activities with the Academic and Student Affairs committee. S/he serves as a liaison between this committee and the MBA Faculty and Deans. The SVP – Academic & Student Affairs works with the COO to coordinate activities across MBAA approved clubs/committees.

SVP Alumni Relations

The Senior Vice-President of Alumni Relations shall be elected from the one-year program. S/he is responsible for coordinating MBAA activities with the Alumni Development Committee.  S/he will act as a liaison between the MBAA and the Alumni Relations Office of both the MBA Program and the University of Notre Dame to improve alumni relations.

SVP Community Outreach

S/he is responsible for schedule coordination of Community service committee events with the MBA Office and University as a whole. The SVP - Community Relations works with the COO to coordinate activities across MBAA approved clubs/committees.