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The MBA Marketing Club

The University of Notre Dame MBA Marketing Club is the largest and most active student organized club in the Mendoza Graduate School of Business. Comprised of seven active officers and more than fifty group members we provide a meeting place to exchange marketing experience and ideas, as well as to meet people with similar interests.

Consisting of talented marketers from a wide variety of industries, marketing disciplines and geographies, we believe a substantial part of an MBA program’s value comes from learning from one’s classmates, in addition to learning solely from one’s classes. With this in mind, we facilitate social gatherings, which include lunches, informal discussion and “pub nights” where we learn from each other’s experiences and areas of expertise.

Each semester, we also sponsor a series of lectures and panel discussions to keep members abreast of best practices and trends within marketing. In addition, we sponsor speakers, networking opportunities, and company visits to assist students with the challenges of career search and interviewing.

To find out more about us please go to:

  • Club Achievements : The ND Marketing Club’s success in case competitions against other top-tier MBA programs and its accomplishments within the Notre Dame community.
  • Recruiting Companies : A brief list of companies, which have recently recruited ND MBA students for full-time and internship positions.
  • Club Members: The active officers of the ND Marketing club, their duties and responsibilities and why they decided to become Marketing Club members.

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Recruiting Companies

The Notre Dame MBA Marketing Club maintains relationships and organizes events throughout the year with prospective companies. Below are listed companies that have recenty recruited Notre Dame MBA students for marketing positions. If you would like to pursue other companies based on your specific industry or geographic preferences, the Notre Dame Marketing Club and Career Development can assist with a self-directed career search.

Companies that recruit Notre Dame MBA's for Marketing include:

Consumer Products:
Johnson & Johnson, The Nielsen Company, Kimberley-Clark, Fleet Laboratories, The Hershey Company, General Mills, Procter & Gamble, Whirlpool Corporation, Welch's Foods

GE Money, JPMorgan Chase, Links Mortgage Corporation

Cummins, Inc., General Electric, The Hon Company

Kroenke Sports Enterprises, Oakland Athletics

Acxiom, Athena Health, Hanhawa Galleria, First Industrial Realty Trust, Japanese Consumer Marketing Research Institute, United Airlines, Verandah

ACIST Medical Systems, Roche

Advanced MP Technologies, Anixter, EMBARQ, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Intel

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The Notre Dame MBA Program works closely with companies globally to ensure that our MBA program is academically rigorous and responsive to the demands of the market place. The result is a program that is flexible, intense, and focused on teaching students how to develop and implement solutions to tough business problems.

Notre Dame's mission challenges us to go beyond solving business problems that drive the bottom line. We develop ethical leaders who have a broad vision of the world and understand how to use business for good. The result is a brand of leadership that is unique to Notre Dame and highly valued in the business world.

The world's top companies hire Notre Dame MBA students (based on recruiters' feedback) because they:

  • Are great problem solvers
  • Embrace collaboration and team-oriented projects
  • Hold a broad view of business
  • Take an ethical approach to everyday business decisions
  • "Tend to stick with an organization"

To find out how to recruit from Notre Dame please go to:

  • Contact Notre Dame : The relationship manager for marketing and general management at Notre Dame and access to the Notre Dame Recruiter's guide.

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Prospective Members

Welcome! Thank you for visiting the University of Notre Dame MBA Marketing Club Website.

Recruiters and academics cite Mendoza's nationally acclaimed faculty, the Notre Dame Alumni Network (one of the world's largest and active alumni networks) and Notre Dames commitment to integrity and community when discussing the strength of a Notre Dame MBA.

We also believe that the strength of Notre Dames MBA program is also built upon the quality of one's classmates and the student run organizations that they lead. Specifically, in regards to MBA's focusing on marketing the ND MBA Marketing Club provides MBA's the ability to extend their learning beyond the classroom and to expand their reach to companies that recruit at Notre Dame.

The Marketing Club partners with some of the world's learning companies, leverages The Notre Dame MBA Alumni Network, and hosts a number of industry leading events that assist us in accomplishing our goals. By joining the ND MBA Marketing Club, one gains access to:

  • Education: Our recruiting guide is distributed upon receiving your membership payment and outlines the recruiting process from Day 1 with best practices and commonly asked questions during interviews. The ND MBA Marketing Club also hosts a Marketing Bootcamp and Marketing Symposium to prepare students for networking and interviews.
  • Access to Companies: The ND MBA Marketing Club offers trips to more than 10 company headquarters throughout the year and brings in speakers trhough our Marketing Symposium. We also facilitate mock interviews and resume reviews before the interviewing season.
  • The Sense of Community: Learn alongside your fellow members at events like pub nights, lunches, Marketing Bootcamp and Marketing Symposium. You'll be amazed at how less stressful it is to prepare for interviews when you have groups of marketers that mutually support one another.

Please explore the site to learn more about our club's activities and leadership within the organization. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us by e-mail and we will make sure to connect you with the appropriate contact.

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Steven Beliakoff, President

Diana Mo, Chief Financial Officer

Jourdan Reinhart, Vice President, Communications

Tom Nelson, Vice President, External Relations

Eduardo Ramirez, Vice President, InternalRelations

Carlos Farah, Vice President, Merchandise

Nicole Neira, Vice President, Merchandise

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Contact Us:

The Notre Dame MBA Career Development team assigns all companies that recruit at Notre Dame a Relationship Manager that has industry experience and deep knowledge about our students' talents and career objectives.

The Relationship Manager for marketing and general management at Notre Dame is John Rooney, a '95 ND MBA and former Director of Marketing for Georgia Pacific.

To contact John, regarding recruiting ND MBA's please use the contact information listed below:

John Rooney
Sr. Associate Director of Career Development and Employer Relations
276 Mendoza College of Business
Notre Dame, IN 46556
Tel (574)631-1812

For more information about Notre Dames recruitment process, please refer to our electronic Recruiter's Guide.

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