The Notre Dame MBA

Society of Hispanic MBAs Club

The Society of Hispanic MBAs is a student organization dedicated to enhancing the Notre Dame MBA experience by helping students accomplish their professional goals and fostering friendship and support among the members of the MBA community. This club is committed to helping its club members, the community, MBA Admissions, and the whole MBA student body through a series of activities that add value academically, socially and economically.

The Hispanic community is very committed to helping each other and that is why the main objective of the club is to make its members feel as a part of a family. We follow Hispanic´s journey to Notre Dame from the moment they visit the school or have enquiries about the program. We also assist incoming members in overcoming the cultural shock of studying in a second language.

This is a special year for the Society of Hispanic MBAs as Notre Dame is the Academic Sponsor of one of the largest job fairs for MBAs: NSHMBA (National Society of Hispanic MBAs). We specially feel that we should work towards helping our fellow MBAers in getting the most out of this opportunity.

Mission: The mission of the Society of Hispanic MBAs is to support business students in their career search and professional development, to serve as a leadership platform for its members, to help the Hispanic/latino community in Michiana and to enrich student life during the MBA program through active participation and creation of various Notre Dame events.

Club Officers

Valeriano Lima, President