The Notre Dame MBA

Sports Business Club

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The Notre Dame MBA Sports Business Club is dedicated to educating its members about the many career paths in the sports industry. More companies touch this industry than at first glance (especially when sponsorships and agencies are factored in). Enthusiasts and career hopefuls alike will find the opportunities provided in this club to be both exciting and enriching.

There are four main goals for this Club as presently constituted:

  1. Career Learning (company visits, conference trips, on-campus speakers, discussions of pressing business issues currently in sports)
  2. Networking (building up a network of like-minded professionals interested in sports; emboldening your chances of breaking into sports if it is a long-term goal)
  3. Social Awareness (fund-raisers (see events list below))
  4. Fun We love sports and recognize the bonding power of sports. We strive to to connect all members of the MBA program through our shared passion with events, contests, etc.

Club Officers

Alex Gross, President
Alex Wolfe, VP

Andy Dytrych

Patrick Covert, VP