The Notre Dame MBA

MBA Women International

The MBA Women in Business Club is a member of MBA Women International and proud supporter of women on campus. We also work in conjunction with the Forte Foundation. 

Our goals as club are stated below:

1. To foster a strong community of women at Mendoza and beyond

2. To network and inspire women in business

We strive to reach these goals by holding events, club meetings and facilitating conversations about current issues. Together, we can continue to learn through dialogue with alumni, recruiters and experienced professionals. 

We hold an annual Women’s Symposium for candidates thinking about joining the Mendoza MBA family.

Open communication is a vital part of learning more about how you can help the MBA Women in Business. If you have questions, please feel free to contact us.

Club Officers

Danielle Silva, President

Carol Ann Michael, VP Finance

Malisha Samaras, VP Communications

Janelle Jacka, VP Activities

Mary Daly, VP Student Affairs


MBA Women International's Annual Conference (Louisville, KY Oct 1-2)

A group of Notre Dame women travel to the MBA Women International Conference in Louisville, KY MAWMBAS Conference Explore 101025

Exploring Louisville after the Conference MAWMBAS Conference 101025