The Notre Dame MBA

our shared values

Students on a warm fall day.

Each year many students enter the MBA program at Notre Dame in part because of its strong sense of values. Notre Dame MBA students have created a Values Statement that guides their actions. The statement urges them to strive for the highest personal and professional standards, pursue personal and academic achievement passionately, and integrate excellence with ethical behavior.

MBA Values Statement:

In 1842, Father Edward Sorin, a young French missionary, arrived in South Bend Indiana. He surveyed the land provided to him and announced his vision: to build a great Catholic University. Father Sorin’s leadership, charisma and faith created the foundation that transformed this dream into a reality.

As members of the University of Notre Dame, we reaffirm our commitment to Father Sorin’s belief that the leaders graduating from this MBA program will be a force for good in the world.

To that end, we believe the following values exemplify our University and our program.

Community & Responsibility

  • Fostering camaraderie among students, faculty, administration, and alumni
  • Living compassionately, demonstrated through service, mentoring, and sharing of resources in our local and worldwide communities
  • Exercising stewardship of resources entrusted to us


  • Striving to meet the highest personal and professional standards in all that we do
  • Pursuing personal and academic achievement passionately
  • Integrating excellence with ethical behavior


  • Delivering on our promises and thus developing a reputation for honesty and transparency
  • Demonstrating moral courage to uphold our beliefs in the face of adversity
  • Treating others with fairness and forthrightness


  • Leading others toward excellence through trust, respect, and encouragement
  • Demonstrating leadership through collaboration, empathy, and tenacity
  • -Recognizing that ethical leaders demonstrate the wisdom to evaluate each situation and draw upon the appropriate leadership skills


  • Valuing the spiritual dimension of each human being
  • Welcoming those from all faith traditions to nurture their spiritual development through?practice and/or reflection
  • Aligning our actions with a belief in social justice that respects all faiths