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A smaller class size and a common purpose yield a tightly knit community of learners. Students know each other by name. Collaboration naturally flourishes. And lifelong friendships are born. Academics. Recreation. Culture. Commerce. Social and spiritual life. All that and more are part of student life at Notre Dame.

In addition to the many opportunities you will find right on campus and in the South Bend area, our northern Indiana location is only a 90-minute drive to Chicago – and easy driving distance from a number of other points of interest.

Here are just a few examples of what you will find on campus:

  • Regardless of whether the degree reads undergraduate or graduate, all Notre Dame alumni belong to one of the most admired academic families. The deep bond is forged by a common set of values and a desire to simply make the world a better place. With 123,000 alumni worldwide, Notre Dame is ranked first in the 2007 national Voluntary Support for Education report for support at all degree levels.
  • The spirit of Notre Dame – the traditions, the commitment to excellence, the family-like atmosphere that unites students – continues across generations and continents via the nearly 265 active alumni chapters throughout the world. Members are known for their accessibility, offering their expertise when called upon by the University or by fellow alumni.
  • Notre Dame alumni give back to the University by participating in an MBA Mentor Program, where MBA students are teamed up with alumni while in the program for career and personal advice. The program matches high-quality mentors with MBA students in their job focus areas. The mentors and students stay in touch by phone and e-mail.
  • Another group, the Irish Angels, is a network of Notre Dame alumni and friends who are experienced in entrepreneurial endeavors and are interested in supporting new venture development. This group also supports the College and has provided mentors, sponsored internships, and participated in classroom lectures and special events.