The Notre Dame MBA


You may want to manage a brand, a portfolio, a product, a plant, or people. You may wish to be a partner in a consulting firm, a securities trader, a vice president, an entrepreneur, or a CEO. We want these accomplishments for you, too.

Ask More of Business

But, we want much more for you and from you. We invite you to Ask More of BusinessTM. We want you to ask more of yourself.

Ask that integrity be at the heart of every business decision. Ask tough questions to solve tough problems. Ask that we consider a greater good. These three tenets are at the center of a business education at Notre Dame.

Individual Integrity

We are constantly reminded of why integrity must be at the heart of every business decision. Whether it’s a financial crisis or an organizational failure, the origin is often a lapse in leadership. The intersection of our values and everyday judgments sparks rich dialogue in the Notre Dame MBA classroom; where what’s right is not always black or white.

Only 13 percent of MBA programs, including the Notre Dame MBA program, require students to study ethics, according to a study conducted by Depaul University in 2007.

View course selections in ethical decision making.

Effective Organizations

Of all the skills recruiters seek in MBA graduates, problem solving is reported to be highly prized. With a keen ability to solve problems, a manager can yield dramatic organizational results by innovating, improving processes, viewing situations in a new light, and, ultimately, influencing the performance of an organization in marked ways. In a world where most business training primarily emphasizes competencies in functional areas, the leader who can think critically across business functions is greatly needed. Each semester during Interterm Intensive, our MBA students help shape business strategies for companies such as HP, Coca-Cola, McDonalds, GE, and Boeing.

Read about our signature course in Problem Solving and learn more about Live Cases.

Greater Good

Father Edward Sorin, the founder of  Notre Dame, envisioned a University that would be a force for good in society. For more than 150 years, his words have inspired graduates of all programs as they lead in business and other industries. Most importantly, our graduates leverage their individual success to help solve global challenges. Social responsibility is in our DNA as a learning community.

Learn more about our social responsibility efforts as a b-school.