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U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Foundation Announces MNA Scholarship


The scholarship represents a portion of a $450,000 grant presented to the USHCC by the Wells Fargo Foundation last fall. "The USHCC's work with Hispanic business owners mirrors Wells Fargo's commitment to the Hispanic business community and this grant is our way of supporting their work for the good of our mutual goal," says Tim Rios, senior vice president of Corporate Community Development and national spokesperson for Wells Fargo's Latino Business Services program.

"The USHCC continuously searches for ways to encourage participation from Hispanic communities in our nation's economic development," says Javier Palomarez, USHCC president and CEO. "This gift from the Wells Fargo Foundation is a true testament to the continued support that the USHCC is receiving from corporations across the country."

The grant will build on activities started in 2007 by the USHCC Foundation, which supports the goal of helping Hispanic business owners succeed financially. Some of the grant money has been used for educational opportunities hosted through the national USHCC Foundation Chamber Training Institute. As part of this program, all courses are taught by Notre Dame professors and leaders in television media.