Master of Science in Accountancy

honor code

The University of Notre Dame Graduate Business Programs are a community of students, faculty and administrators committed to learning, working and growing together in moral character. This community holds dear the University of Notre Dame values of honesty, integrity, and honor; all members of the community are assumed to possess these values. The Honor Code requires that students take responsibility for establishing norms of ethical behavior. It also outlines the community’s expectations and the procedures for handling actions that fail to meet those expectations.

The community expects all students to refine their own standards of conduct continuously, and by signing the Honor Code pledge, students agree to demonstrate the following:

  • Academic honesty and integrity
  • Honest disclosure of personal information in the admissions and career development processes
  • Compliance with faculty requirements regarding coursework
  • Respect for the program and its community of people
  • Respect for academic and administrative professionals

To affirm their commitment to the values and the community, all students are required to sign the University of Notre Dame Graduate Business Honor Code prior to beginning coursework.