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When scent crosses the ethical line

Kevin Bradford, associate professional specialist in marketing, calls new marketing strategies that use scents to draw customers "unethical" in this Globe and Mail article.

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John Gaski

Areas of expertise: John Gaski treats issues of larger significance in his research, such as social power—in this context, that which prevails among firms in a distribution channel. His primary current emphasis is the macroscopic societal impact of marketing activity, i.e., how marketing impinges on human welfare

Frank Germann

Areas of expertise: Marketing Strategy, Brand Management

Tim Gilbride

Areas of expertise: Tim Gilbride’s research focuses on the application of Bayesian statistical methods to help managers and researchers make better decisions about how consumers choose the products that best meet their needs

Joe Guiltinan

Areas of expertise: Joe Guiltinan’s research addresses the management of a firm’s product line, including product line pricing, bundling of products and product obsolescence. Recent projects include the pricing strategies for durable replacement products, environmental ethics and the planned obsolescence of durable goods

John Kennedy

Areas of expertise: John Kennedy studies both quantitative and behavioral dimensions of marketing, and is especially interested in gender issues. He is currently examining chaos theory for its relevance to management

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Wilkie Award Winner 2014 Sheth2014 Wilkie Award given to Goizueta marketing professor

The annual Wilkie Award, which recognizes thought leadership in marketing, was given to Jagdish N. Sheth of Emory University. MORE


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