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2014 Wilkie Award given to Goizueta marketing professor

Wilkie Award Winner 2014 Sheth

The annual Wilkie Award, which recognizes thought leadership in marketing, was given to Jagdish N. Sheth of Emory University.

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Katherine Sredl

Areas of expertise: Katherine Sredl's research focuses on the application of ethnographic research methods and sociological theories of interaction rituals to help managers better understand how consumer pride influences the consumption of aesthetic and luxury goods

Joe Urbany

Areas of expertise: Joe Urbany’s research explores consumer and managerial decision making. Current projects include how a firm’s clarity in designing, pricing and presenting products and services influence customer choice, and why managers’ beliefs about customer needs frequently vary from actual customer beliefs

John Weber

Areas of expertise: John A. Weber has identified 44 common selling practices where professional sellers are charged with compromising integrity (i.e., unethical selling practices). He is currently researching both professional sellers and customers to assess comparative attitudes regarding the integrity of specific selling practices

James Wilkie

Areas of expertise: Consumer Psychology, Automatic Attitudes, Price Perception, Identity

William Wilkie

Areas of expertise: William L. Wilkie, the Nathe Professor of Marketing, studies marketing’s impacts on consumers and society in general, the topic of his latest book. He has recently been active in revising the American Marketing Association’s official definition of the field

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