Faculty & Departments

2014 Spring Syllabi

MARK 20100 Principles of Marketing Ducoffe, GaskiGilbrideKennedy
MARK 30100 Consumer Industrl Buying Behavior DucoffeWilkie, J. 
MARK 30120 Marketing Research Willkie, J.
MARK 30450 Sports Marketing Bradford, K. 
MARK 30460 Marketing with Social Media Weber
MARK 30500 Advertising Promotions Moore
MARK 40100 Strategic Marketing Bradford, K.
MARK 40400 Building Great Brands Moore 
MARK 40550 Public Relations Robinson
MARK 43900 Exploring Frontiers of Marketing Thought Wilkie, W. 
MARK 63900 Exploring Frontiers of Marketing Thought Willkie, W.
MARK 70100 Marketing Research Wilkie, J.
MARK 70150 Qualitative Mktg Research Sherry 
MARK 70300 Brand Strategy Phillips, C. and Henderson, P.
MARK 70350 Customer Relationship Mgt. Ganesan
MARK 70501 Advertising Management     Sredl 
MARK 70550 Culture, Consumption, & Mktg Sherry
MARK 70600 Social Media Robinson