Nonprofit Executive Education


Custom Programs

Topic and Subtopic Offerings:

BUSINESS COMMUNICATIONS: Covers effective organizational management for both internal and external environments, including such topics as: 

  • Internal: Building Support for a Vision, Managing from the Middle, Federal Personnel Regulations, Team Building, Visual Communications & Body Language, Email Etiquette, Communicating with Your Board 
  • External: Selling the Mission, Contracting Management, Negotiation Skills, Inter-agency Cooperation. 

MARKETING: Creating a Marketing Plan, Organizational Branding, Personal Branding 

SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING: Developing Social Media Platforms, Creating Websites & Blogs, Uploading Content & Media, Developing an Ethics Policy, Counteracting Negative Social Media, Branding Your Organization 

PUBLIC RELATIONS & MEDIA TRAINING: Selling Your Organization’s Vision & Values, Conducting Television, Radio & Print Media Interviews, Defining Discussion Parameters, Creating a Press Packet, Preparing for Crises Communication and Mitigating Fallout from Negative Events 

CREATING & MANAGING A DIVERSE WORKFORCE: “Diversity” can relate to differences in race or ethnic backgrounds, cultures, religion, gender, abilities/disabilities, generations or values/beliefs. Sessions would be customized to the organization’s needs. 

BUDGETING & ACCOUNTING: Budgeting & Values, Accounting, Fund Management, Creating a Budget, Creating Plan B or a Fall-Back Budget, Monitoring Your Budget, Creating & Understanding Financial Statements, Budgeting for Non-Financial Personnel, Current Requirements of Form 990, New IRS Regulations 

FUND DEVELOPMENT: Creating an Annual Fund, Capital Campaign, Endowment or Planned Giving, Grant Writing for the Private Sector or Local/State/Federal Governments, Proposal Writing, Donor Development 

VOLUNTEER RECRUITMENT & MANAGEMENT: Identifying Your Organization’s Needs, Creating Volunteer Policy and Procedures, Assessing Talents, Recruitment and Retention, Tactful Dismissal, The Importance of a Volunteer Manager 

POLITICAL ADVOCACY & PUBLIC EDUCATION: Developing Your Organization’s Agenda, Defining Your Public Education Mission, Advocacy vs. Lobbying at Local/State/ Federal Levels, How to Influence Government, Rule Making After the Law is Passed, How to Become a Government Vendor 

SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP: Creating a Business Plan, How a Nonprofit Develops Proprietary Products, Growing New Corporate Structures (L3Cs, B-corps), Creating For- Profit Entities that Fund a Nonprofit Mission, Using Current Resources or Programs to Create Additional Revenue Streams 

LEADERSHIP: Styles of Leadership, Strength Assessment, Situational Leadership, Ethics, Personal Branding, The 360-degree Evaluation, Succession Planning, Executive Time Management through Align Thinking, Crisis Prevention & Crisis Management 

ORGANIZATIONAL & PROGRAM EVALUATION: Creating a Logic Model, Identifying a Measurement Dashboard (includes discussion of relevant software), Using Evaluation as a Management Tool for Continuous Improvement, Assessing Social Impact and Social Return on Investment (SRI). 

CREATING AN INNOVATIVE CULTURE: How to Brainstorm, Product & Service Development, New Solutions to Long-standing Problems 

STRATEGIC PLANNING & IMPLEMENTATION: From Mission to Vision, Environmental Scanning, Planning & Accountability, Implementation & Accountability, How to Engage Your Entire Organization 

COLLABORATION & MERGERS: The Pros and Cons of Each without Giving Away Your Organization’s Mission, Determination of Assets, Assessing the Benefits of a Merger, Merging Staffs & Responsibilities, Negotiating the Win-Win for All Stakeholders 

ORGANIZATIONAL MEMBERSHIPS: Growing Your Organization, How to Identify, Recruit & Retain Members 

BOARD GOVERNANCE & BOARD DEVELOPMENT: The Difference Between Governing & Advisory Boards, Assessing Your Board’s Needs, Identifying Potential Board Members, Recruitment and Retention, Creating a Feeding System for New Board Members, Board Orientation & Training, Best Practices in Board Leadership