Recruiters & Organizations

Traditional approach

MBA Industry Nights

Companies that typically host recruiting presentations for MBA students are encouraged to participate in an MBA Industry Night. MBA Industry Nights consist of companies in similar industries presenting and meeting with students simultaneously. The objective of Industry Nights is to inform and educate MBA students about various careers in specific industries. This is an excellent way to raise awareness of your organization and upcoming career opportunities. Participation in an MBA Industry Night is in lieu of a separate company presentation later in the semester, although companies can still hold pre-nights, and student workshops such as interview preparation, networking practice, etc. We feel that MBA Industry Nights are the best way to reach the greatest number of students at one time. The cost of participating in an Industry Night is $300 per company, which is less than the amount typically spent on a separate event. The cost covers food and drink at the networking session.

Pre-Interview Company Presentations

If your company is unable to participate in an MBA Industry Night, another option is to hold a company presentation. As they are scheduled to accommodate student class schedules, the sponsoring organization provides box meals for the students who register in advance and attend the presentation. You may submit a presentation (information session) request directly via ND MBA CareerLink. Companies have the option of conducting company presentations via video conferences.

Open Office Hours

MBA Career Development offers companies the opportunity to meet informally with MBA students, usually immediately following a campus recruiting presentation.

Notre Dame Career Fairs

The University Career Center sponsors career fairs in September and January for companies that wish to meet University of Notre Dame students. While a large percentage of participants are undergraduates, our MBAs also attend the fairs and surrounding events.

MBA Recruiter Welcome Events

In conjunction with the Notre Dame Career Fairs in the fall and spring, we host a separate event where you can meet and greet MBAs only, in a relaxed setting. The format is different for each event.

MBA Recruiter Kickoff

Held the same day as the Notre Dame Fall Career Fair, the Recruiter Kickoff is a high-energy meet-and-greet event that gives you the opportunity to interact with our MBA students in a more informal environment than the Career Fair. It’s also a great opportunity for a two-for-one recruiting day. Participation in this event will not preclude your attendance at the Career Fair. The event will be held September 5, 2012.

MBA Recruiter Brunch

MBA Recruiter Warm-up Held the same day as the Winter Career and Internship Fair, the Recruiter Warm-up seeks to inform employers who are unfamiliar with our MBA Program about its leadership, curriculum and excellent candidates. For those already familiar with the MBA Program, this event provides a great opportunity to strengthen the relationship between your company and the MBA Program. You will hear from key leaders of the Program, and you will interact with staff, faculty and students. You can maximize your recruiting day by participating in the MBA Recruiter Warm-up, as well as the Winter Career and Internship Fair, and its associated Diversity Reception, both of which take place later in the day. The date has yet to be announced, but is expected to be in February 2013.