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ADMISSION Class of 2012
(Class entered May 2011)
Total Students 65
Mean GPA 3.34
Female 29%
Domestic Minority 23%
Married 20%
International 6%
Mean Age 27 yrs
Average Work Experience 5 yrs


ADMISSION *Class of 2013
(Class entered Fall 2011)
Total Students 130
Mean Age 27 yrs
Age Range 20 - 40 yrs
Female 22%
Domestic Minority 20%
Married 21%

Work Experience
Average Years of Work Experience 5 yrs
Percentage with 2 Years or more 95%

Academic Background
Mean GPA 3.32
GMAT Range: 620-760 (middle 80%)

Geographic Distribution
International 20%
Midwest U.S. 25%
West U.S. 15%
Northeast U.S. 12%
Middle Atlantic U.S. 9%
Southwest U.S. 8%
South U.S. 9%

*Stats current as of 9/8/2011 // Geographies may not sum to 100% due to rounding


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