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Recruiter Feedback

A Focus On Ethics

“Notre Dame’s global reach—both in attracting students as well as in providing international study programs—generates candidates with broad perspectives. The Notre Dame experience—a strong academic program, a focus on ethics, and an understanding of the importance to contributing to the community—provides us with candidates that understand how to achieve balance in both their professional and personal lives.”

Paul Bierbusse, ND ’88, ND MBA ’90
Principal, Business Advisory Services,
Ernst & Young LLP

Unity and Support for Each Other

“One of the characteristics that I think differentiates Notre Dame MBA candidates from students at other MBA schools is their unity and support of each other. I have interviewed candidates who were also highly recommending some of the other candidates we were interviewing—people who in reality were their competition! This has been both humbling and inspiring. It is a clear sign of their commitment to their classmates which translates into the commitment they have toward their teams and people at P&G. It is a great characteristic!”

Rachel Chambers, ND ’92
Brand Manager, Procter & Gamble

Stellar Problem Solving and Leadership

“Notre Dame MBA candidates receive a remarkably well-rounded education. By the time they’ve earned their degree, they’ve learned not only stellar problem-solving and leadership skills, they have a great sense of personal integrity and responsibility. These values are indispensable in today’s workplace. The Mendoza College of Business is developing professional, inspired and motivated leaders.”

Jim Corgel, ND ’73, ND MBA ’75
General Manager, ISV & Developer Relations,
IBM Corporation

Enact Positive Change

“Notre Dame MBA candidates demonstrate strong critical thinking with a particular aptitude for enacting positive change leveraging their breadth of work experience and progressive concepts learned.”

Tim Kelsey, ND MBA ’98
Finance Manager, Intel

International Exposure

“Over the past several years, I have seen Notre Dame MBA students with greater work experience and international exposure, while at the same time holding true to strong business ethics and principles expected from Notre Dame graduates.”

Justin Luber, ND MBA ’01
Senior Product Manager, GE Infrastructure

Always Prepared

“When recruiting for leaders, Notre Dame is one of the best. The students are always prepared and Career Development does a tremendous job in working with us. We are pleased to come and interview here.”

Charmaine E. Murphy
AT&T Leadership Development Programs
Sr. University Relations Manager

More Well-Rounded

“Notre Dame candidates are more well-rounded than those from other schools. In addition to technical finance skills, the typical ND candidates also bring with them the communication skills and sound ethical perspectives that are essential in the modern business world. Further, the typical ND candidates exhibit a level of commitment that clearly differentiates them from the candidates of other leading schools.”

William K. Phelan, ND ’85
Senior Vice President, Controller
and Chief Accounting Officer
Sears Holdings Corporation

Share Our Values

“At ExxonMobil, we have been very impressed with both the intellectual and interpersonal strengths of the candidates we’ve met through our new recruiting relationship with the Notre Dame MBA program. The balance and maturity of these students make them very well suited for the diverse and challenging long-term career development opportunities that we offer. We are also confident that Notre Dame MBAs will share our core corporate values and high standards for ethical behavior, which are critical in the high-profile energy industry.”

Bob Schleckser, ND ’78
Assistant Treasurer,
ExxonMobil Corporation