Featured Courses


JR. RESEARCH CHALLENGE: Foresight in Business and Society

BA 30310 – 3 credits

You’ll stay on the cutting edge with this in-depth course, which examines major global trends and their impact on business and society. The class is research-based, and students can tailor the material to their own interests.

To learn more about this course, please visit: http://bizcourse.nd.edu/foresight/

AIM (Applied Investment Management)

FIN 40640 – 6 credits

This course will allow you to gain real-world investment experience as the class manages a live portfolio of approximately $3 million. The course familiarizes students with the process of portfolio management, from the broad asset allocation decision to individual stock evaluation. Students also travel to a major city, such as Boston, Chicago or New York, to visit with industry professionals.

Global Portfolio Management

FIN 40520 – 3 credits

This class will enhance your financial skills in a global context. The professor, along with guest lecturers from a number of world renowned investors, discuss various topics, including emerging markets, hedge funds, global asset allocation and risk management and portfolio measurement & evaluation.


ACCT 40660 – 2 credits

This course provides you with real-world accounting experience while bettering the local community. Students help out in the preparation of federal and state income tax returns for low-income individuals.

Social Entrepreneurship / Microventuring Consulting

BAUG/BAMG 30505; BAUG/BAMG 30506 - 3 credits

Globalize your Notre Dame experience with this program, which aims to reduce world poverty by helping people build sustainable businesses in economically disadvantaged communities. The curriculum includes team mentoring projects with local microenterprises and global summer internship opportunities.


MGT 40420 - 3 credits

This class encourages you to think differently about the world and create new ideas that have a positive impact. The course takes you through the key principles and the innovation processes that lead to breakthroughs and the practices that make them work.


MARK 43900 - 3 credits

This seminar class is devoted to selected areas of marketing and related disciplines. Each participant is expected to explore their chosen topic on the cutting edge of market research and consumer behavior.


MGT40490 - 3 credits

This class will develop your corporate street smarts to leverage your creative and problem-solving skills. Through hands-on techniques and exercises, you’ll learn how to ask the right questions, gather the right data and use it to improve your judgment and make better decisions.


The Gigot Center for Entrepreneurial Studies

These competitions let you test the validity of and launch your own business venture. One of the competitions is especially devoted to social/mission-driven ventures. A total of up to $40,000 in prize money is awarded each year.