Undergraduate Students

Interterm intensive


The course offerings for interterm intensive sessions fulfill several objectives. These classes provide learning opportunities that are not easily available in the standard course format. Some workshop-style classes focus on specific capabilities students can add to their business “tool kits.” Others, such as the deep-dive corporate cases, give students hands-on opportunities to apply, test, and extend what they have learned in previous courses. All of the courses develop skills and perspectives that will be beneficial in summer internships and full-time jobs. All courses require a high degree of student participation and involvement.

The courses offered to MBA students provide opportunities to extend and apply skills and knowledge learned in the core and elective classes. They provide direct practical experience using simulations, projects, or live problems. The classes add to the students’ experience base, helping prepare them for a strong start as they begin their full-time jobs following graduation

All interterm intensive courses will be graded on a satisfactory/ unsatisfactory scale.