Undergraduate Students

Interterm Intensive


"The Interterm deep dive courses are an incredible opportunity to engage in a one-of-a-kind, hands-on learning experience.  For the Walgreens course, our objective was to analyze two distinct geographical markets and recommend competitive pricing strategies for each.  The company representative from Walgreens was available throughout the week to field our questions and provide any additional materials that we needed, but he left it to us to conduct our own research, analyze the issues, and develop a strategy.  At the end of the course, we presented our strategies and rationale to the pricing team from Walgreens.  As a first-year MBA student, I was thrilled for the chance to work on a real business problem and provide insight to a Fortune 100 company.  This Interterm provided a unique opportunity for me to build skills and knowledge in an area where I have had little experience.  The knowledge I developed during this course will be extremely applicable in my future career as a marketer."
Jenny Brennan MBA Candidate (Class of 2010)

"During our Interterm Intensive we were presented with a real live business problem.  We used our experience, knowledge and creativity to solve the problem that the McDonald’s brand is facing today.  There is no other better way to apply the theoretical knowledge that you get in a classroom than with a real-time business problem.  For four days we were wearing the shoes of the marketing manager of one of the McDonald’s Brands and we had a great deal of exposure to the management team from the McDonald’s corporation.  We were taken by surprise at how open they were in providing us with all the resources that would help us find a sound solution to the problem.  They had a genuine interest in what we presented and provided a great feedback after our presentation.  The Notre Dame MBA Interterm Intensive is the best way to build confidence, not only in the education you are receiving from a great school, but to gain confidence in yourself.  You realize that all the theoretical knowledge that you have gained to that point is very practical indeed.  We had the tools to tackle the problem and offer a sound solution.  I felt proud of what we had accomplished and presented to a senior management team."
Olga Starikova MBA Candidate (Class of 2010)

"The Global Risk Management Interterm Intensive provided my classmates and me an invaluable perspective on corporate risk management that would otherwise not have been available in most academic settings. The experience provided by the instructor and guest speaker allowed students to digest a myriad of risk exposure issues including financial exposure, political, regulatory, environmental, reputational, systemic and operational risk. Through our week long team case analysis we were taught to identify relevant risks for our target company, a financial services institution, and subsequently develop a strategy to measure, monitor, mitigate and manage these risks in a cost effective and timely manner. Since participating in this course I have benefited from this training by being able to apply this perspective to numerous case studies in my current curriculum, including financial analysis and valuation in my finance course to managerial issues in my management courses. As I prepare to re-enter the workforce, I am certain that this course has provided me the opportunity to offer my employer additional skill sets that I would not otherwise have if it were not for the Interterm Intensive Week and the Global Risk Management course."
David Sutherland MBA Candidate (Class of 2010)

"The Interterm session was one of the best learning experiences I have had at Notre Dame.  If you want to learn more about team dynamics, leadership, solving real, live business problems, while simultaneously learning something new about yourself, your tolerance for individuals with different work ethics and behaviors from yourself, the Interterm session is the opportunity to do so here at Notre Dame.  That’s what the GE Ecomagination project did for me.  The experience was intense.  My team and I acted as consultants for GE and our recommendations were well received and there is no greater feeling.

Simply put, the Notre Dame Interterm classes/sessions are one of the great gems that make the Notre Dame MBA experience all the more enriching; a factor that distinguishes ND MBA from other MBA programs."
Ifeoma Ikeagu MBA Candidate (Class of 2011)

"The MBA Interterm Intensive session that Nestle Waters North America (NWNA) participated in was very beneficial. Our company has not had the luxury of dedicated resources to focus on branding our employment which has put us at a competitive disadvantage in the market place. The Interterm Intensive session gave us a week with creative minds who were also the target market that we would recruit from. The students not only gave us significant proposals, but also challenged some of our underlying processes and thinking. We were able to incorporate many of the students' proposals into both our traditional and web recruiting media. We could not have achieved the insights and outcomes that we did in a week with an internal project assignment or contracting a consultant. We found the students to be highly engaged throughout the week. The staff was also very accommodating and provided good networking opportunities."
Mike Swinton Vice President Human Resources

"The Competitive Intelligence and Business Information resources Interterm Intensive class was incredibly valuable. As students, we have so many resources available to us, but it can be overwhelming to know which resource is the most appropriate for any given research project. This class helped to explain the pros and cons of each search engine and which ones we should use prior to investigating others. Since the class has ended, I have had numerous research projects which I have been able to complete much more quickly and effectively as a result of the knowledge I acquired during our sessions. I would certainly encourage anyone to take this class!"
Ellen Schank MBA Candidate (Class of 2008)

"As a first-year MBA student, I participated in the week-long “Introduction to Communications” Interterm Intensive course. This class was a fast-paced, exciting week of applied learning that I found invaluable. During the first day, students participated in small-group discussions and reviewed the fundamentals of speech-making and presentations. Students were then tasked with researching a company in-depth and delivering an 8-10 minute presentation during the final two days of the course directed to customers or company directors.

During the process of preparing my presentation, I gained the experience of working ‘real-time’ to meet an aggressive deadline and presenting freshly-researched information to a simulated board room. The project was designed to be quick, stressful, and demanding, but proved to be well worth the effort. Professor James ‘O Rourke did an excellent job utilizing his expertise to evaluate each student constructively, immediately, and honestly. The course challenged me to push myself as a communicator and left me with tangible ways of improving my presentational effectiveness. I look forward to each Interterm Intensive week as an opportunity to apply my classroom learning at a whole new level and as a measure of my progress as a businessperson."
Erin Vranas MBA Candidate (Class of 2008)

“Valuing Intellectual Property was a fantastic course, primarily because it exposed us to a market most of us were unfamiliar with, but also because of the small class size and access to senior management. We learned a bottom-up approach to IP valuation but also got a great perspective on the state of the IP industry and what promises to be a market that is becoming exponentially more important. Being able to ask questions of senior managers and to analyze the decisions they had made to essentially develop a market out of thin air was fascinating. A broad range of concentrations took the course, which produced a broad spectrum of possible areas for improvement, and both the company and students felt they learned a great deal from the process."
Mark Teborek MBA Candidate (Class of 2007)

"I participated in the OfficeMax live case in Naperville, Illinois during the Interterm Intensive week. It was a great opportunity to learn about supply chain management in a setting very different from the classroom environment. The OfficeMax employees challenged us to learn about the business by asking the right questions and coming up with our own solutions. At the end we were able to present our solutions in front of many senior level managers as well as the CEO. It was a great experience to complement the traditional MBA classes."
Adam Rieck MBA Candidate (Class of 2007)

“The General Electric (Mergers & Acquisitions) Interterm Intensive was an exciting opportunity to work on live challenges facing GE’s aerospace division. The class objectives were to shortlist and analyze possible acquisition targets for GE Aerospace. The intensive nature of the class meant that in a week’s time students went from an introduction to the commercial aerospace industry to proposing viable acquisition targets. Throughout the process, senior managers of GE’s M&A team were present to provide guidance and take feedback. The quality of students’ responses is exemplified by the fact that within months of the class suggesting an acquisition target, GE went ahead and acquired the target at a valuation very close to that suggested by the class.”
Sid Mittra MBA Candidate (Class of 2007)

"During the Spring 2006 Interterm session, I took Advanced Excel as well as Values in Decision Making – and I believe that I gained some good insights from both courses.

The Advanced Excel course allowed me to brush up on some of my basic Excel skills as well as learn some intricacies and new techniques that I had yet to be exposed to. The Professors (Nasir Ghiaseddin and Jon Crutchfield) were both extremely helpful and patient and created exercises that let us apply the skills to problems that we might expect to face in the future.

The Values in Decision Making course exposed us to problems that featured examples of difficult issues that we might face in the future. We analyzed a case on GM and discussed what could be done to help the company back to profitability, while at the same time addressing the ethical and human side of the consequences of our decisions. It was a course that really made you think more about the impact that our decisions could have on all of the stakeholders involved."
Mike Marley MBA Candidate (Class of 2007)

“The Interterm Intensive session is a great way to learn and practice skills that are essential to work in the corporate environment. In a very short amount of time students get hands on experience on new technologies and emerging trends. I especially liked the Interterm sessions because the courses that I took were designed to help me ‘hit the ground running’ during my internship. I also liked the variety of courses offered as they allowed me to choose courses that would allow me to develop skills that were aligned with my career objectives. The instructors were extremely knowledgeable and helpful towards my progress.”
Anand Mitra MBA Candidate (Class of 2007)

"The GE Mergers & Acquisitions Interterm Intensive course was one of the best educational experiences I have had at Notre Dame. This was no simulation: all of the companies we valued were potential targets for one of the most aggressive corporate acquirers in the world. Over just a few days, we were able to learn about the process of valuation as it is practiced by GE, and then apply all the knowledge we had accumulated throughout our entire time at Mendoza to determine which companies presented the best strategic fit – and how much they were worth. Being able to receive feedback from the company’s executives and get their input and guidance throughout the entire process created a very practical, this-is-how-it-is-really-done atmosphere. There was a lot to do – and yet not a moment’s busy work. I learned a lot, and had an amazing time. This was definitely one of the highest value added classes I have ever taken."
Max Pinigin MBA Candidate (Class of 2007)

"The Notre Dame MBA Interterm Intensive classes have offered me fantastic opportunities for immersion in topics and environments that would otherwise be impossible during normal class schedules.
In March of 2007, I participated in the OfficeMax Supply Chain 'live' case, which was hosted at OfficeMax headquarters in Naperville, IL. The opportunity to delve into the depths of a real business issue over the course of four days was a unique and rewarding experience. We enjoyed broad access to the company’s personnel, systems and key suppliers. As a result, we were able to gather the information necessary to develop meaningful results for our client. The 'live' case allowed us to implement the analysis and problem solving skills that we had developed in our traditional classes. The experience culminated in a final presentation of our findings and recommendations to the CEO, the CMO as well as several vice presidents."
Jeff Haddon MBA Candidate (Class of 2007)

"I was very fortunate to participate in the HP live case study and become a HP employee for a week. Despite having worked in a variety of industries, I've never worked for a company that size. It was an unprecedented chance to play in the "major leagues" of the business world. I'm very grateful that Notre Dame and HP were able to put this course together. The benefit of working on a live case study with HP is that we could compare our analyses and strategies alongside theirs, allowing us to gauge our current abilities and seeing how far we have yet to go. The Interterm Intensive sessions are aptly named; the experience here was really intense. The big take-away from working with HP was that a company of that size views its competition quite differently. At that level, the lines between competitor and partner become very blurry, requiring a different mode of thinking. Talking to some of HP's top decision makers and seeing the world from their perspective was a pretty eye-opening experience."
David Chow (MBA ‘06)
Associate Product Marketing Manager, Windows Client

“Interterm Intensives provides an invaluable opportunity for Notre Dame (Mendoza) students to broaden their education outside of the traditional MBA curriculum. By offering students the opportunity to explore real-world issues and timely topics Notre Dame is providing their candidates, and the organizations they join after graduation, a significant competitive advantage.”
Christopher Cronin (MBA ‘04)
Associate Product Director
Vistakon, Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, Inc.

“The Interterm Intensive course structure provides highly relevant opportunities to engage in focused development such as case studies and six sigma green belt training. This will allow the students to apply their academic skills in a realistic business environment.”
Patrick Finneran (ND ‘67)
Vice President/General Manager Logistics Support Systems
The Boeing Company

“Once again, the NDMBA program brings students closer to today's complex, global business issues through Interterm Intensives. Acclimating MBA candidates to "real world" challenges through this new curriculum shows the innovation and global reach of the NDMBA program. This type of experience and visibility will separate those who participate not only in the classroom, but during the recruiting process and in the workplace. The worldwide marketplace is constantly changing and the University of Notre Dame MBA program demonstrates, yet again, that not only is it ready for the challenge but leading the charge. Well done and Go Irish!”
William Kehoe (MBA ‘01)
Director, Finance
The Beanstalk Group, New York

“Getting real hands-on experience in Six Sigma will really stand out to a prospective employer while giving you a significant boost early in your career.”
Donald M. Casey (ND ‘82, MBA ‘83)
Company Group Chairman
Johnson and Johnson Vision Care

“Excellent business communication skills are necessary in any profession, whether you are selling a new idea, a solution or yourself. When interviewing prospective candidates for an open position, I always notice that the person with great communication skills usually stands out above the rest. Mendoza’s Introduction to Communications is a great offering for anyone who wants to refine and enhance these necessary skills.”
Christina Glorioso (ND ’95, MBA ‘99)
Vice President, Viacom Plus

“The Interterm Intensive Program is a unique opportunity that should provide valuable 'real life' training and experiences that will help students during interviews and in the workplace.“
Lisa DeBiase (ND ‘93)
Brand Manager
Procter & Gamble

“The Interterm Intensive course called “Credible Pro Forma Financials” might be the most valuable class that I have taken in the MBA program. The opportunity to learn from current angel investors, analysts, and entrepreneurs exactly how to design and present pro forma financials that not only pass the “laugh test,” but are defensible in the face of probative and skeptical Q & A was eye opening. What we learned and practiced about issue spotting and presentation will be applicable not only in bringing my own venture to market, but also in analyzing business and investment opportunities of my own. On a personal note, I learned that I had been approaching model development almost exactly backwards; the class very likely saved me from embarrassment and wasting at least one valuable opportunity. It is an outstanding complement and extension of the Forecasting class, as well as Strategy, Accounting, and Human Resources classes.
Ken Boucher
ND MBA Class of 2008

"The OfficeMax Interterm Intensive Course exhibited the ideal partnership between a university and a corporation. The partnership enabled students to spend a week on-site at one of OfficeMax’s distribution centers in Itasca, Illinois as well as its headquarters in Naperville, Illinois where students worked hands-on with a dynamic real project that will be implemented within the corporation. The course facilitated student learning as we were able to serve in a hands-on consulting role where we partnered with OfficeMax’s associates in every step of the process. The experience culminated with an ‘out’ briefing to CEO Sam Duncan and his leadership team that provided us with actionable feedback in a risk-free environment. The partnership was also balanced as we were able to add value for OfficeMax by providing an outside perspective and actionable recommendations for the corporation. Clearly, this was an experience second to none that provided us with an incredible opportunity to apply our MBA education and an opportunity to make superior connections with senior leaders at OfficeMax.”
Josh Parsons
ND MBA Class of 2008

“The Starbucks live case study was an engaging, challenging and FUN learning experience. Aside from the company’s unprecedented growth as a market leader and ubiquitous assimilation into the American culture, Starbucks was a fascinating company to learn about and further collaboratively analyze in teams. Each morning we sampled and discussed various freshly-brewed “product offerings,” which got the entire class jazzed and ready to go! Top executives presented us with first-hand access to the inner workings of Starbucks including; product breakdown, market analysis and brand management, and then asked us to develop a strategy aimed at “solving” a challenge the company faces today. Although geared toward marketing, the course allowed us to integrate and apply knowledge from all areas of business management. I feel the Starbucks live case was a very strong complement to the MBA curriculum.”
Lauren McCloskey Elston
ND MBA Class of 2008

"I participated in the Nestle Waters class during the MBA Interterm Intensive week. The course offered interaction with top level Nestle management and an in-depth overview of a growing billion dollar industry. Our groups came up with valid solutions to problems that had yet to be resolved by Nestle Waters. This course was a great opportunity to apply material from our previous courses and impress potential employers in the process. Our class left a lasting impression and because of this experience I think that Nestle will return to Notre Dame again to offer another course."
Ryan Elston
ND MBA Class of 2008

“While theories from academia are a vital component of any master’s program, it is the application and use of such tools that provides the most challenging and rewarding work. The Notre Dame MBA Live Cases during the Interterm session provide an outstanding opportunity for students to demonstrate their ability to work on real business issues. Starbucks (SBUX) has been a retail phenomenon that continues to surprise and delight both its customers and shareholders. One brand in the company’s portfolio, however, has been a lackluster performer. Due in large part to a lack of focus and demanding ROI requirements, Torrefazzione Italia Coffee, is a brand without a home. Our challenge as students was to develop a feasible strategy for “TI”: where and how should it be positioned, how should it be priced, where it should be sold, and of course, how much could it realistically net for the company. After a thorough analysis of the brand, the company portfolio and the competitive landscape, we presented our strategy to the company’s management and received candid and professional feedback. While many business schools use case studies that are years old to teach, we learn by tackling business issues in real time. The Starbucks team was enthusiastic and receptive to our ideas and it was a real pleasure to work with them. One could not ask for a more practical and enjoyable way to combine all the skills and tools one learns in B-School.”
Josh Burke
ND MBA Class of 2008

“The Walgreen’s MBA Interterm Intensive course was an amazing opportunity to apply theories we learned in the classroom to a real life business problem the company is facing. Over the span of four days we were able to develop an understanding of the pricing model of one of the nation’s largest retailer’s uses and create new ways to change and build on that model as Walgreen’s grows into new markets. Most striking was the unfettered access we were given to the decision-maker who was leading the project. He spent the entire week with us and discussed his challenges and decision criteria very openly. No topic was out of bounds and he never brushed a question or conversation aside by claiming the information was too sensitive to share. On the final day, when we presented our suggestions, I gained confidence that the skills we've learned over the last two years are immediately applicable in the business world. Moreover, I was proud and reassured as I watched my colleagues presentations and compared them to what we would have been able to do just two short years ago.”
Mark Johnson
ND MBA Class of 2008

“Discovering the secrets behind the Starbucks brand success was only one of the advantages to participating in the MBA Interterm Intensive Starbucks course. Not only were we given the chance to discover the world of Starbucks and the coffee industry in general, but we also developed a brand strategy for a real, current issue within the corporation. We were presented with the opportunity to practice the skills we are developing in our respective areas of interest, ranging from finance to brand management. Creating a strategy was the first step, but before presenting to the senior managers of Starbucks we were also required to design an implementation strategy. What an invaluable experience to apply classroom instruction to a live case for a power corporation like Starbucks.”
Rachel Mellard
ND MBA Class of 2009

“Real-world experience, in addition to classroom learning, is the best way to gain an understanding of, and appreciation for, any task. This type of learning is exactly what takes place in the ‘Credible Pro Forma Financials’ Interterm Intensive class. From the business plan analysis to the derivation of pro forma financial statements, every aspect of the course feels like the real thing. Students have a tremendous opportunity in that they get to evaluate an actual business plan, make recommendations on that plan, and then present their findings to a panel of investor experts. Not many courses offer such a challenging, yet rewarding, learning opportunity. In addition, instructor Rich Linting brings an incredible amount of expertise, industry knowledge, and seemingly limitless list of contacts; all of which combine to give participants a taste of what entrepreneurship is all about, and the knowledge to get any investor to say, “Yes!”
Brock Swensen
ND MBA Class of 2008

“The Starbucks Interterm provided a unique opportunity to gain strategic insight into one of America’s best brands and to impact its strategic goals. Starbucks senior marketing managers presented internal SWOT and competitive analysis. The problem: what to do with a brand that naturally wants to compete with Starbucks but that cannot. We had two days to solve this problem and then present our solution. My team meticulously utilized every MBA discipline and did not finalize a solution at 5:00 p.m. the day before the presentation. It was an absolutely amazing challenge that resulted in a diverse spectrum of solutions. We literally got to taste the fruits of our labor: receiving daily surprises and delights. Not only that, but I had the opportunity to have coffee with one of the Starbucks managers three weeks later in Seattle! Such an opportunity is truly a treat and one of the best in my time at Notre Dame.”
Sarah Ewing
ND MBA Class of 2008